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  1. Feeler spam. I fucking love both of these guitars, but they're just not being played at the moment. I'm playing mostly 7s and i need money for a new dirt bike. To be honest, I'm in two minds about selling them, and as such i'll probably end up only selling one, but ill put them both up to see what kind of interest there is. I'm not really sure what the going rate for either is, since they're both pretty rare, so make me an offer. One is a USA Jackson Soloist SL-1 Pile O' Skulls. Its pre-fender from 1995 and has an EMG 81/SA/SA set, it's hand painted by Dan Lawrence and is immaculate. It was setup a while ago by Barrie Palmer and ive maintained it ever since.
  2. what do you teach? I'm going to school next year to teach history. and then i want to get my masters in library sciences. Im an LSA in school for the severely disabled, but since none of my kids can retain any information, im essentially a one-to-one teacher in my classroom. Being in that environment is awesome, just make your lessons as engaging as possible and youll suffer a tiny proportion of the {censored} most teachers have to deal with. The ones with boring, dry lessons are the ones that have most difficulty. James
  3. Ill be honest, i work in a school and i prefer the bad kids to the good ones, and im sure most teachers and LSAs see it that way. One of the worst in my class was off before half term and i was {censored}ing bored. Kids like this make it worth teaching, staged in this case or otherwise. James
  4. Dude, seriously, get some butterfly piss. You can get it from hunting websites, it smells got awful, but wherever you spray it, dogs will want to take a piss. Can be pretty funny depending where and how often you do it http://www.predatorpee.com James
  5. oh man i always said if you ever sold it i would buy it, but i spent all my goddamn cash on a blackmachine and cant justify another axe. That thing is a beauty though, i love it James
  6. I guess everyone learns differently, but i'd say that the hard part about sweeping is the coordination/timing issue between the sweep and the fretting off the notes, particularly with the preventing unwanted notes from ringing out as you play the arp. Being able to play an arp with the left hand only will help legato and tapping technique, but can't see how it helps get over the issue of being able to coordinate the hands. well for me, once the left hand was able to play the arp on its own, the sweep was just making the notes stronger. Of course its not all about the left hand, but trying to sync up the left and right hand before the left hand is comfortable with the pattern never worked for me James
  7. i like the body and the logo, the shape riminds me of those Driskill guitars. Im sure its a top quality axe though, it looks very well put together. Does he do any 7 strings? James
  8. First off, ignore your right hand for now, its only an aterthought to good sweeping. The best way to practice any sweeps is to get your left hand doing what you want first. Do the standard 5 string Eminor sweep E||--19-15----------------------------15-19-|| B||--------17----------------------17-------|| G||-----------16----------------16----------|| D||--------------17----------17-------------|| A||-----------------19-14-19----------------|| E||-----------------------------------------|| But do it only with the left hand in hammerons and pull offs. Its probably best to do it with a clean tone first. Just start slow and keep gaining speed untill you can do it comfortably with just your left hand. Then once youve got all that down, add the sweep with your right hand and it will all come together. James
  9. depends what you want really. If you wanna dip your toe and buy a cheapy, the RG7321 is the best no frills 7 out there. What in some decent pickups and give it up a fret job and itll totally shred. If you wanna spend all your money, then blackmachine offers the best 7s around. Ive played all the ones i could get my hands on, and theyre definately as good as it gets. As it happens, i didnt like the JP7 i tried, though i took into account it was at a trade show and the strings were lighter than an anorexics lunchbox. The neck felt too thin and too round for the 7 shape. It wasnt wide and flat like the RGs id tried, it was a C shape, which just felt a bit flimsy to me. I hear the pricier shecter 7s are good, but ive only played the cheap ones. Id say Ibanez offer the best value though, a used 7620 or 7321/7421 is the way to go if you want a good deal Either that or buy the dudes universe, its a killer deal. James
  10. dude.... for 100bn, i would suck on my dead grandfathers balls James
  11. Originally posted by Skirmish uhm, with all due respect dude... Ecuador?Anyways: congrats! Looking forward to the next round! yeah? The short game was still better than previous games, less tendancy do go long due to crouch on the bench. Roony was great and showed fantastic energy and lennon had a good run, albeit in the last few minutes. I love when people talk about certain countries, it may 'only be equador', but nothings certain in football and theyre not that bad a side, saying theyre terrible is doing both teams a diservice, not least since equador have beaten argentina and brazil (albeit at altitude) James
  12. Originally posted by Skirmish And: in my book England could very well be the next WC. They
  13. Well its never easy watching England but theyve done the job so bring on the quarter finals! Beckham was looking weak for a lot of the game, but that free kick was an absolute pearler. Plus, considering he was will and spewed shortly after, my hat comes off for him sticking with it. I think they should have bought lennon on earlier, just in the last few minutes he was making some great runs. Rooneys getting his form back too, which bodes well for the next game, although neither portugal nor holland will be easy. Big up the England! James
  14. Originally posted by Evil Clown You actually bring chicks home to that... looks like a fukin pigs stye... take it back a pig wouldn't live in that {censored}hole... dude... seriously... ever thought of cleaning up or hiring a maid or some{censored} I'm just saying... can you imagine asking a maid to come to a graveyard to clear up? Im glad someone else sees the advantage of computing from bed, i dont need no stinking chair, my bed is my {censored}-station James
  15. Originally posted by supercow3 well at least he still has a chance to recover to play after the group stages if england makes it past the group stages that is. i think england got pretty lucky with their draw on the group, and its not like our team is terrible without rooney. We still have beckham, lampard and gerrard etc, but he was definately a big threat that we now dont have, plus its a big psychological blow. England can be a little unpredictable in situations like this, they either fold completely, or they rally together. I predict well lose a stupid game, but still make it through by the skin of our teeth. Im not sure hell be fully recovered even after the group stages, past injuries like his have taken 18-22 weeks to get back to full strength. It would be great if he could make it back into the team somehow, but im not holding my breath. We'll just have to wait and see for the next friendly against Jamaica James
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