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  1. Top two speakers have tears in them, but are able to be played and still maintain good sound at low levels [and you can feel free to come and try it for youself, if you so like] pics up in the morn, 200 cash. Fullerton, CA.
  2. haha. for fun really. it was on there for like 2 days before i realized how stupid it looked. what've ya got? i'm only looking for another bass drive. specifically an SFT cause that's why i'm selling it. I hardly use the boost on this one otherwise I'd keep it, so the SFT is better with the smaller footprint
  3. no there is no more tape on it. bump-skis
  4. free bump for a dude i just met. ^_^
  5. M - Audio Firewire Solo Used a few times. Basically brand new. Ended up getting a NI Kontrol 1, but now need the money. Selling for: $130, or trade for a Fat Boost [v.1 or v.3] Specs: The FireWire Solo is designed from the ground up as an easy-to-use, high-quality interface for songwriters to record guitars, vocals and more on the computer. Compatible with most popular music software, this compact bus-powered unit is small enough to go anywhere you want to take your music. In addition to the 1/4 in. guitar input right on the front panel, a professional XLR microphone input also lets you record vocals and acoustic instruments. There are also dual line inputs for effects, drum machines and other outboard gear. FireWire connectivity, up to 24-bit/96kHz sample rate support and digital I/O all add up to outstanding sonic performance. As simple to connect and operate as it is powerful, FireWire Solo is the foundation of your computer-based songwriting studio. Features * 6 x 4 24-bit/96kHz audio interface * Front-panel microphone in (XLR) with: * 48v phantom power * Gain control * Clip LED * Front-panel guitar input (1/4 in. unbalanced) with: * Gain control * Clip LED * 2 line inputs (1/4 in. unbalanced) on rear panel * Front-panel switch toggles front/rear inputs * 2 line outputs (1/4 in. TRS balanced/unbalanced) * S/PDIF digital I/O (coax) with 2-channel PCM * Digital output also supports pass-through of AC-3/DTS surround-encoded content * Stereo headphone output (1/4 in. TRS) * Level control for headphone and analog outs * Flexible software-based routing/mixing with near-zero latency monitoring * Dual FireWire ports for easy device chaining * FireWire bus-powered * ASIO2, WDM, GSIF2, MME and Core Audio compatibility * Rack-mountable metal chassis * Kensington lock port * Mac and Windows compatible * FireWire cables not included
  6. MOSFET it's been on my board for about a year and a half. Sounds great, but just got a tech 21 pedal and need to make room on my board for when my dl4 comes home. 9/10 Cond. Comes with box. [i'm in no hurry to sell it, so please don't low-ball] $150
  7. haha. what i really meant is if they are all 50...
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