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  1. Poor thing is now down to $599 at some stores. I bought one, and think it is one of The Most Beautiful, and Best playing Custom's I've ever had the pleasure of. Seriously, it Is All That.
  2. I can't argue a single Fact here. I just hope that since Gibson built a factory in Qingdao, China, that they have possibly started manufacturing their own guitars better than an OEM factory from the 90's would have. There isn't much else I can do but wait and see, and make it a point to keep its storage space cool. I've had Alot of Good Epiphones since 2015, and have somewhat put the past behind me, however, I believe what you're saying, I could only hope that since Epiphone has been making guitars built under supervision of Gibson in Qingdao, that they don't just bang them out without care. I'm having the block checked when I take it in for set-up. but it's honestly a Great player that stays tuned and has been a joy to play. I haven't felt the need to dig into it right away. I Do appreciate your Honesty.
  3. My inspiration for wanting the Riviera 12. It costs nothing close to what a '67 or earlier goes for, but is a pure joy to play.
  4. Pass or Play? Seems pretty nice.
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