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  1. Hey, if it sounds great on those Event 20/20s in your living room, it's gonna sound great anywhere, right guys?!
  2. I've got the BP1 and BBJr. Both rock super hard.
  3. Maybe they've gone up in the past two years, but you used be able to pick up the older Ibanez FL9s for $70 pretty easily, and they are aside from the ElectMist the only flangers I've ever really liked the sound of. It's also a quarter the size of the Mistress, quieter, and better built. Sounds good on bass, too.
  4. People have been saying that since the beginning of time. they said that when Martin Luther was nailing his obnoxious threads all over church doors. And look what happened with that.
  5. Only "alienated, misunderstood" high-schoolers give a {censored} about "selling out."
  6. I wonder, do trolls and gnomes have different ethnicities, and are there funny racial stereotypes to go along with them?
  7. Thanks for the quick shipping. Arrived safe and sounds ok. Excellent transaction! A++++
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