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  1. Don't think so. http://www.geocities.com/Nashville/3399/fender.htm You're probably thinking of the Alchemy album/vid, which was the Schecter. true. my bad
  2. Me too. Clapton is the most overrated guitarist on the planet, by far. He's good, but nothing amazingly special. Plus the majority of his most popular songs were covers. now THAT is a great call. how do you think jj cale feels about cocaine? it's not just that he covered it, but the WHOLE song SOUNDS the same! add hand jive, and it's a ripoff. anybody know if those two are buddies?
  3. knopflers more a pensa head... true, but sultans, his sig, was on a schecter strat...
  4. Knopfler Clapton is good but I've never been blown away by his playing, live (I saw him this fall) or recorded. To me it just sounds kind of generic. Don't get me wrong, I love his music (Layla is one of my favorite albums these days) but as a player I feel like the way he plays could be pretty easily replicated. Gilmour has some of the best phrasing out there and amazing tone, but I'll have to go with Knopfler. He is a truly unique sounding player who covers a TON of musical ground. Sweet phrasing and licks you don't hear anyone else play because of his technique. And an amen to whoever mentioned "In The Gallery"! Great rhythm playing on that tune too, it's hard to play his rhythms correctly using a pick while you can get by using a pick on the leads. thx to him and derrick trucks i've started trying to play "pickless". it can make for some awkward rhythm stuff, but i love the versatility on lead.
  5. Gilmour is my favorite mainly because I'm such a huge Pink Floyd fan. I just like the way he can take a single note and make it sound perfect for the part whether that means bending or just the tone itself - he always plays to the song and not just for show. I also dig knopfler a lot. His tone can go from sparkly clean to that 'money for nothin' smooth and nasty. Clapton I can't say I'm as impressed with though he is pretty damn good too. I'm more into his early stuff with Cream and not so much the more mainstream solo stuff. I really like his playing on Roger Waters album Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking. Interestingly, Money for Nothing is on a Les Paul, which Knopfler has really gotten into in the last decade or so. But you are so right about his versatility. ever hear neck and neck with Chet Atkins?
  6. great call a(on Jeff Beck) nd horrendous oversight. was thinking yardbirds, too.
  7. well, i have to admit i entered this after reading the gajillion-post clapton lp/strat thread. i just think he's not the player the other two are but in pop culture, probably the best known. btw, love the avatar mr. freeze. you like derrick trucks, as well, i imagine.
  8. three british stratheads... my choice is knopfler, but i love gilmour.
  9. Mentioned most of my gear up top. I also have an SG and a PRS with P-90's in it; both sound great through this amp. I compared it Vox, Mesa and Fender amps and just liked its power and clarity better. Now that they've fixed the loop buffer problem, there's nothing I would change (wish I'd bought it post-fix). It is a real honey. Would definitely buy another. Since my review is so glowing, some might wonder why I put it up. Well, Bogner seems relatively boutiquey and I like to give guys who make a great product props in hopes that they can keep doing so, rather than go dark doing the right thing.
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