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  1. Sorry 'bout the lack of update, and many thanks for the info! Unfortunately, it moved before I was able to even try it out. Wah wah waaaaaahhhhh.
  2. Any idea about these things? I did a search of the forum, but there's not too much said about them. There's one listed just down the street from me for $150 CAD. I love Yamaha products, especially their older electrics, but I've never tried any of their vintage classicals. Yay? Nay?
  3. 88.9% on tone deafness 1.9hz on Adaptive pitch 78-83 on rhythm (can't remember) 80% on visual. I need to try the adaptive pitch on my mac with studio phones. I found it oddly addicting... edit: Jeez. I come in here trying to look up on some pedals before I go to sleep, ended up doing these tests for half an hour, followed by composing an e-mail to the creator of them. Holy Sidetrack, Batman!

    OT: Best prog band?

    Probably all listed, but my personal faves are: Cynic Frantic Bleep Unexpect Sleepytime Gorilla museum Gordian Knot
  5. Wow. Society continues to salute the poorly written, potty mouthed, cookie cutter sex romps and predictable comedies. When will people learn they're simply watching the same 20 films, blended into a bland paste, perfect for mass consumption. Hey look! That guy fell! That girl has tits! Let's throw money at it! It disgusts me that no one has mentioned the one film that truly embodies everything that the medium needs to be. That movie, is .

    sex pranks

    The spider-man: You do her from behind, and fake proverbial happy ending. You then proceed to pull out, and finish in your hand. wait till she turns around and then to the face. Remember: saying THWIP! is absolutely imperative!
  7. Peavey Rockmaster: I own the world's best-kept secret in rack gear! Now how do I dial out the fizz? I don't? ...oh... but what if I? ... oh...
  8. I may be biased, but I'm-a go with survivorman. Has this bear fellow ever used the elastic lining of his scooby-doo boxers, a stick, and a pen to make a spear w. launcher? Didn't think so.
  9. GIANT SQUID! I knew about them pre-2007, but I had yet to own an album until march/april. By the by, do look past the first song. It's not exactly their finest.
  10. Blast. beaten to it. At least here's another badass video.
  11. Holy crap. This has really opened my eyes. It seems as if this band has slipped under my radar for far too long. You guys are all just jealous. They seem incredibly original and talented. I'd kill for that image! And those chops! Probably the fastest guitarist I've seen in years! You watch these guys! In like a year they'll be out of the underground and on metal's highest throne! On a completely unrelated subject, I'm looking for a good place to put these: [sarcasm], [/sarcasm].
  12. Martyr Into Eternity SYL Gojira Meshuggah Blast! someone beat me to martyr! In no specific order: Martyr Unexpect Cephalic Carnage Quo Vadis Neuraxis
  13. My on and off side project: The Incomparable Bearfight. I love it, but that's just me.
  14. That was beautiful. I am officially crying.
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