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  1. SOLD For sale is a Urei LA-12. It's a great sounding stereo compressor with output transformers but I don't use it very much anymore and could use the money for my GAS. Everything works and the unit is in great shape cosmetically
  2. Both in mind condition the Ditto x2 has a small scratch on the top Ditto X2 $125 includes shipping and PP to US HOF reverb $95 includes shipping and PP to US
  3. I really hate to get rid of this but I have to make financial room for a new guitar acquisition. The guitar is in mint condition, never been gigged with and comes with a K&K pure mini that was professionally installed, a strap button and a hard shell case that fits it like a glove. I don't know how consistent the RK's are but I can tell you this guitar sounds really good. I use it when I'm teaching and play it around the store and I can't tell you how many times someone has commented on how good it sounded and were taken aback when they found out how much it cost. Can you tell I like this guitar? The case and pickup were a $200 upgrade so I'm looking for $350 plus $25 shipping. I have an ebay account for reference
  4. I cleaned the foam and ​here's a couple comparison files if anyone would like to hear. This was recorded from a Yamaha MG12xu via usb into my DAW with a touch of verb from the Yamaha. No post processing at all Let me know what you think of the difference Thanks
  5. It's drying as I type. I was surprised that it wasn't that dirty at all. I even cleaned the foam so we'll see if it makes a difference
  6. Ok I got the e935 yesterday spent a couple hours with it and my first impressions are favorable. A little more smoother and open my beta 58. The low note were more intelligible and it's a little more like singing through a studio condenser in the way that I can work the mic. I did sing through an EV 767 at a band rehearsal and for the kind of gigs I generally do I don't need the super cardiod pattern and am not a fan of always staying on top of the mic.I might borrow one of the EV's and check it out more because the PA I was using it with wasn't dialed in that good. All that said the Beta 58 still sounded good and I realize I could audition some of the other mics but for now I think the E935 is a keeper and an improvement over the 58 for my voice Thanks for the tips and suggestions
  7. I've been using this little mixer for solo gigs and I like it http://usa.yamaha.com/products/live_sound/mixers/analog-mixers/mg_standard_model/mg06/
  8. That's what I've been gathering. I'm mostly playing acoustic gigs these days so high volume and feedback really isn't an issue. I have very good mic technique but I would feel constricted always having to be up on the mic but I may still pick one up just to compare I didn't get the Sennheiser yesterday, in typical GC fashion they said they had one e935 left but when I got there they couldn't find it of course after I drove a half an hour to get there so I ordered it from a different store and it should be here next week I'll clean the foam and grill of my beta 58 this weekend and take a listen
  9. I'm going to pick up the Sennheiser and give it a try. I don't play too many high volume gigs these days and I like to work the mic close and farther away and from what I've read the Sennheiser is that. I'm going to hook it up this afternoon and I'll let you guys know what I think. Again thanks for the replies. This is a friendly and informative forum
  10. Thanks for the replies guys. I may pick up a EV and the Sennheiser and keep the winner if there is one. I guess I've been singing through a beta 58 for so long I just want to try something different
  11. Excellent points and exactly what I was thinking and i was wondering if a new beta 58 will sound much better than my 20 something year old Beta
  12. Thanks for the replies I called the manager and he said I'd have 14 days to return it so I'll give a few mics a try, I might start with the Sennheiser e935.
  13. I've been using a beta 58 for years on my vocals and have been mostly happy with it. If anything I wish it had a little more presence but not at the risk of sounding bright or losing the oomph with a tad more smoothness. I'm completely aware that there is no one size fits all when it comes to vocal mics and I'm looking for suggestions vocal mics you like better than a beta 58 for vocals, I'm not really up on the latest live vocal mics. Also can you return mics at a store like Guitar Center? I called there and the guy said yes but on the internet it say's no Thanks
  14. The store I teach at carries Eastmans and I think they're very nice guitars, brighter than Martins but that's not always a bad thing and it's got me lusting for an E10ss or E20ss. I've owned an Eastman MD 605 mandolin for a few years and it's been a great instrument.
  15. I have a 2012 J45 that just kicks ass so don't let the nay sayers and internet rumor mill convince you that Gibson isn't making a good product these days and like I said before you'll have better luck going to a well stocked 5 star dealer to audition good assortment of Gibsons. I'd do the same thing if I was buying a Martin or whatever.
  16. I would recommend shopping at the 5 star dealers, because I've never been impressed with many Gibson acoustic at GC and the likes . I bought my J45 at a 5 star dealer and it was love at first strum and a Gibson wasn't even on my radar.
  17. LA-10 price lowered to $275
  18. I'm selling 2 compressors FMR PBC-6A Mint condition $350 Paypal and shipping included SOLD Urei LA-10 It's missing the name plate and has a crack on the signal level bezel but everything works fine. $275 Paypal and shipping included
  19. Hey guys I just bought a pair of Jbl prx 712's and couldn't be happier with them except for the constant fan noise which in a club shouldn't be a problem but for small intimate acoustic settings could be a buzzkill. I'm using these speakers mainly for acoustic solo and duo shows but like having the option of using them in a moderate sized band setting mainly for vocals. I know I would need a sub to mic a full band but that's not my objective. I've borrowed a K12 from a friend and I like it but I like the Jbl's a little more (could be the wood cabinets) and I've been reading and hearing about the Qsc's not having as good as dispersion as other speakers so that is a bit of concern and I'm also really considering the K10's and wanted to get some input from anyone who's experienced these speakers I still have time to take the Jbl's back and I know any of these speakers would be a good choice but I don't want to regret it down the road. Thanks
  20. For sale is a Radial Xamp I bought a few year ago and only used it a few times. The unit is very clean and includes the power supply and original box and manual . SOLD
  21. UAD Project Pak PCI card (no premium plugins) in excellent shape. $80 + shipping
  22. I bought this when it was new and it's always worked. It has the basic UAD1 plugin set, no LA2A or 1176. $120 Price includes shipping.
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