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  1. 3. For cabsim I'm looking right now at ADA MicroCab or a Line6 GX with PodFarm (bypass preamp moddeling an only sim the cab). This will work and give an good tone for home recording right? (Poweramp + Cab + crank it is overkill right now. only homeplaying and recording). Which one would be better? Either would work, I don't have experience with them though. I've heard decent sounding clips recorded with the ADA through the lowly V-ampire, so it's do-able. There's a forum specifically for rack effects farther up the main page, which is probably where you'd get better answers.
  2. To me, hunting for sport is just as violent as killing a person for fun. I'm not accusing you of that because you didn't say why you hunted, but I'm just putting my opinion on that matter out there. Fortunately, you included this section, so people of normal intelligence know not to bother with your opinions.
  3. why was he killing innocent people? been a while since i saw it, but i could've swore he tried to violate some woman in the movie and attacked some people in a hamburger joint for no apparent reason. Anybody he attacked in the movie was a criminal, or an active participant in his "accident." I am saddened that I know this.
  4. Just a little reality check... You can't reality check a gun control activist. They're immune.
  5. He then went on to say that he currently has about 5-songs in the top 40. Today's top 40... Zeppelin... My second thought: I can't think of a good song, let alone a great song, that fits his format. Well, maybe some Ramones.
  6. I kinda met the A&R guy that brought us the wonders of Korn, Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park at a conference at south by southwest. Quote "for me, songs need have the vocals come in before 7 seconds and have hit the first chorus by 23 seconds" I'd have said, "yeah, that's probably why Stairway to Heaven never really caught on." You fail.
  7. There's A LOT of gain in that box. At 9v there's also alot of compressrion. Running it at 18v opens the pedal up, giving you a bit more headroom, and less compression. I think it sounds more Marshally at 18v. YMMV Interesting. I'll have to get the adaptor for my Pedal Power. I like it a lot as-is. It does the just-broken-up AC/DC type thing very well. Mesa Boogie MkIIB.
  8. The only thing i DON'T like with the soft case is that it messes up the knobs on my pedals but other then that it works fine. This is why I went to a hard case. I also bought a cheap case for my combo, same reason.
  9. I can't make the call since I don't know the gal you are newly-engaged to, but I think it would be flattering to give her a nod in the name. It might hurt less than tattoo removal should anything go bad. You're suggesting he name a box with a big bottom end after his fiancee? He would certainly discover some things that hurt more than tattoo removal if he did.
  10. of course I'd also love if they had the balls to call it "The Stink Finger" Pogo with Ketchup
  11. Actually "Schwarzenegger" is more accurately translated as "Black Negro" Which seems redundant, I know, but it's the truth. Arnie said different on Letterman Austrian usage of German?
  12. Bigmouth Bass Black Plowman (the approximate English translation of Schwarzenegger) The Ninja Foot
  13. Lucky me. The second pedal I ever bought was a Japanese long-hyphen CE-2. Still own/use it. The first was a spiff yellow Ibanez flanger that I also still like. The third was an original Guv'nor, which I seem to have sold or lost
  14. It's called irony. That word you keep using, I do not think it means what you think that it means.
  15. i wonder if these guys know they are famous now? Certainly. When that video first went web-wide, it was hosted on a site for that sad little festival. The Internets broke the site, and the vid was taken down. Too late, obviously. There was other crap there as well, but nothing to match the Vinyl Cowtown video.
  16. Just started, giving it a trial for a bit. Crunchbox set for, well, crunch, in between an Ultimate Octave and a Mudhoney. The UO gets a lot thicker, with less spikiness, when run into the CB, the Mudhoney is set up for a good dose of fairly middy distortion, the CB pushes it into scream mode. The CB is fine by itself, bright and Plexi-ish. I'm using the lead channel on the Mesa Boogie MkII as my solo boost, it does well with all three, and the CB-MH combination. Previously, the Boogie's dirty side did the job the CB is now. I think this is a little more consistent in tone and comparative levels at different volume settings, and the ability to combine the overdrive with the other two is handy. Also, a Blue Box, for pure nonsense.
  17. Don't bother with the adhesive, take out the screws for the bottom plate, measure out a hunk of Velcro, poke a hole in each corner, and screw the Velcro onto the plate. If you need to access the battery hatch, put a strip of Velcro across the top and bottom, leaving the middle unobstructed, or worst case, just the top. It will hold fine.
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