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  1. Well, when I 1st installed the Ultra Jazz pups on my VMJ, I used a series/parallel switch - but found myself never using the parallel setting, as the series totally kicked ass... Last week, I bought another Jazz bass, and needed to upgrade it's pots and jack anyways - so I swiped the 2nd volume and tone(w/ the push pull DTDP switch) pots from the VMJ, and added another 500k CTS pot, and a Switchcraft jack - and used that control set for the "new" Jazz... Then, I just used the one volume pot on the VMJ - for muting purposes only - and ran the pups in series off that, and straight to the jack... It totally kicks ass for a modern rock 4string that way - great AIC, RATM, etc... sound... I wanted the "new" Jazz to have a variety of sounds, 'cause I'm primarily using it for 80s/90s stuff - so the series/parallel switch, working tone circuit, and both volume pots functioning were desireable to me for that bass... - georgestrings Yea, it's all good. I just like the other scheme too (parralel) cuz I always like the classic bridge single coil sound. Series is sick too tho of course, gotta love the huge phatty humbucker tone.
  2. You *might* want to consider wiring them in series - jazz pups really thump in series... In that case, you'd wire one pup hot to the jack's prong, that pup's ground to the other's hot, and the 2nd pup's ground to the jack's ring - along with the bridge ground... - georgestrings Good idea, he might as well considering he won't have independent volume control over them anyways. Hmm, maybe a series/parallel switch.
  3. Hey, if you guys don't like when celebrity entertainers threaten to move to another country, maybe YOU should move to another country. :poke:
  4. Tone = overrated Even more so when you factor in today's modeling technology. The amp as we knew it is irrelevant.
  5. How about 6/8, but you hold the last (eleventh) note for an eight note instead of just a sixteenth note?
  6. I kind of want to check myself, and also experiment and see if we come up with different things. I've figured the two harmonic phrases out (well, except that turnaround near the end), and what I have I like alot. But harmony can be ambiguous, and I'd like to see anyone else's interpretive colorings. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fo_QVq2lGMs
  7. I'm sure working the bII in will work wonderfully, sort of a phrygian/harmonic minor kind of ethnic vibe.
  8. I think realists would laugh at that. Try making something look real as there were no cameras then. you dumbass, there were totally cameras before, during, and after picasso's lifetime.
  9. put the damn thing back together. i need to order many parts and shit ill get around to it, and shred fiercely soon enough
  10. Originally posted by DevilRaysFan I'm willing to bet that, in a blues jam, an E chord would be a dominant 7 chord, not a major 7 chord in which D would be correct :p ...although Deville originally said to start on the 5 which would, more than likely ( and diatonically correct) a B7, making the inital hi "A" you said a possibility .......... The funny thing is, I use this stuff as a skeleton --- I try to think froma "vocal point of view" and just sing whats in my heart and not worry about all the formulas argh! ive been out-theory-snobbed!! you are of course absolutely right...
  11. Originally posted by Kid Vicious ...Somebody was also talking about the leading tone (the seventh scale degree), which would be a D... D# oh {censored} im a theory snob now
  12. Originally posted by DevilRaysFan I would, of course, start on B. Deville and I just communicated musically extremely fast and simple. Like I said above: just like DSL a high A might be nice too ooo! or the leading tone perhaps?
  13. Originally posted by Kid Vicious ...And as far as theory snobs that look down on those with less knowledge of theory than them, I wouldn't suggest bothering with those people anyway. personally, i dont "look down on" anyone im collaborating with musically. its just annoying to actual sit down and chart out your whole song, bring it in and then have to tab it all out for some guy, even tho youre really baked
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