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  1. Before I actually order that Casio thing... it looks like it has some kind of Mini-DIN plug, while the keyboard has a normal size DIN jack – am I right? I guess she will need some kind of adapter to even try if it works.
  2. Thank you! There is not much information to be found unfortunately, this is all...
  3. Hi everyone, my (very dear but musical beginner-) friend recently bought a cheap(ish) no-name digital piano online. (I wasn't aware, would have stopped her otherwise) The thing was delivered and works more or less. She was happy until she tried to connect a sustainer pedal... the "suspedal" jack is a 5-pin DIN... she connected her pedal to the audio output, which kind of didn't work... I have never seen a sustainer pedal with a DIN-connector and suppose there is no such thing on the market. I think they might have "accidentally" added a standard MIDI-trio to the board and basically f
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