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  1. When I went shopping for an auditorium-bodied guitar, I played everything that Sam Ash and Guitar Center had in stock at the time (Morse Road, Columbus, Ohio). I left the store with a Parkwood PW320M. The guitar sounded better than anything else in the store with that body-style on that particular day. I still have the guitar and it still sounds great. I have a PW360, and I really like it. I haven't had it for very long, so I can only imagine that it will sound better with more playing time. Sounds great plugged as well. The possibility to blend the condenser and the piezo makes the sound a lot more 3D. I'm going to get a humidifier for it, though. It's my first all solid-wood guitar, and it stays in the case all the time, but I'm going to do everything to keep it safe and sound.
  2. Something else to consider: http://www.jldguitar.net/ My Breedloves came with this installed from the factory, and it really does have an incredible effect on the overall tone of the guitar. The stuff they claim on their website is really true. It looks like you can't combine K&K/JJB SBTs with this system, am I right?
  3. If the can is unbroken, it shoudn't cause anything more than extra fizz...? I've drunk lots of bumped beer cans in my life. I can't say I noticed any differences the say after
  4. Second last post 05-30-2008 Last post 05-30-2011
  5. I still love me some metal, I'm just damn picky about it these days. Same here, more or less I don't listen to music as much as I used to (kids, wife, full time job..) So when I DO sit down and listen, I'm more concerned about the quality (according to my taste) I listen to harder/heavier/faster music at 38 than when I was 18
  6. Answering a banned guy in a thread from 2006!! Its great!
  7. Gun oil or gunstock oil? I'd probably look for something else than gun oil. But many walnut type stocks are oiled with something, maybe that's what he uses?
  8. Years from now will people be paying respects to this thread? Not hatin' just thinking. Edit: Thinking about it a little more, a lot of people really liked ==ZEMJLA== so no, it won't be the same. Bill was a cool guy, it`s nice to pay a little respect now and then
  9. Great bump. :phil: Yep, good call, guapo!
  10. Cheers Bill! Dude, you`re not going to believe this, but I was searching for this thread LAST WEEK! Cheers, Bill!
  11. Read the whole thread, and realized it`s from 2007
  12. Learn to spell color first. There ain't no U in it. Chicken/Egg I`d believe the brits learned (or, "learnt" http://www.askoxford.com/asktheexperts/faq/aboutspelling/learnt) to spell it first, considering nobody spoke "american" in 1500 But it`s interesting to see the different ways english and american english have evolved.
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