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  1. hi, you can check this out, i recorded this heavy song with m-audio 1010LT, gibson les paul standard 93 (with drop Csharp B on top), PODxt with metal pack (triple rectifier and mesa cab).. and of course the tone is just my preference, some people dont like it. bass was Warwick streamer (5stings) with PODxt too http://www.purevolume.com/hongkongmetalband
  2. thanks.. i think i got quite a lot of new ideas from you guys.. i will try that out... cheers... thank you so much...
  3. thanks.. i think i got quite a lot of new ideas from you guys.. i will try that out... cheers... thank you so much...
  4. thanks guys, i actually did and know exactly what you guys suggested.. recorded part by part into seperated track, send to aux track to edit, minimize the compressor when recorded, use different sound proof pad around... the reason i have to record in that far distance is beause the mic is too hot CAD M9 (tube mic)... even i turn the input volume at the lowest, it will clip when sing it loud, thats why i have to record at that distance... maybe i better switch to a less sensitive mic then... cheers...
  5. hi guys, i have got couple of questions wanna ask regarding to the home vocal recording, hope u guys can give me some clues.. basically, in most of the songs, the vocal dynamic difference between the verse and chrous parts are so big. so when i come to record, i usually record the verse with closer distance to the mic (3 to 4 inches) and with higher input level. for the chrous, i will record it a bit far away (6 to 10 inches) and set the input level lower.. and here is the problem when i come to mix... i always find so hard to mix these 2 parts together... as they are recorded in 2 totally different levels and distances... the ambience (reverb) recorded are also different. i tried with a compressor or simular tools... it helps a bit.. but still cant get it right, so, is there any tips on how to mix these 2 much smoothly?? especially the control of the reverb...thanks... thanks
  6. Originally posted by GuitarPLayer61990 It's a pretty good metal mix, one thing is that the drums could use more balls definitely, I love the guitar tones, and the vocals are too quiet (along with the bass guitar). Thanks man, i better spend some more time on the drum and definitely have to record the vocal again... cheers...
  7. Originally posted by Fiery Furnace It sounds really good to me, actually. You didn't mention what you were using for monitors...? I hear some digital/mp3 distortion, of course, but the mix sounds good to me... guitar and bass equal, drums are loud, vocals aren't too high. The kick drum could come down just a tiny bit, but other than that... it sounds ok to me. Great guitar tone. Thanks Fiery, i will try to fix up the drum The monitor i used is ESI nEar05 (korean made, i think they copied the design of M-audio BX8a, good for beginer like me, cheap) and AKG271... yea i always get some kind of digital/mp3 distortion in my mix.. maybe i always try to max the volume of the song and finally mess it up... does anyone has any ideas on how to do it probably? cheer
  8. i recorded this at home guitar: gibson les paul standard guitar effect: Line 6 POD xt (with extension packs) bass: Warwick streamer 5 strings Drum: VST battery 2 Recording Software: Cubase 3 Mic: CAD M9 mic pre: beringher VX2496 plug in: WAVES interface: M-audio 1010LT hi guys, its a metal song, could anyone tell me whats the problems with the mix? it just sounds crap... thanks... btw.. forget about the vocal, my fd only did it in 2 takes.. cheers.. http://www.purevolume.com/hongkongmetalband
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