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    EVH 5150 III

    Ok. So I'm interested in one of these but what do you mean, this is the latest version? Guess I haven't kept up with some changes?
  2. ARRRGH. I wish you had posted this 1 day sooner. I just bought a 6100lm that has been comletely converted over to the EL34 spec. I would have loved to have had this amp with a matching cab. You wouldn't be interested in a JSX would you? Mercury magnetics transformer and choke installed with your choice of el34, e34l, or 6l6?
  3. Well right now I'm playing through a JSX. I was really suprised by how much gain it has on the amber channel. On the amber channel I'm having to turn the gain down to 2 or 3 to keep it from being too much for some of the stuff my band is learing right now. So I'm pretty used to turning the gain down now.
  4. How do the clean sounds compare on these two. I think I'm going to try one of these amps next. no one around here has a K-tre for me to try though, so I'm trying to find as many clips of the clean sounds of both amps I can. All I can find in clips of the K-tre is really heavy stuff. How well does it sound if you back off the gain some for some lighter rock stuff?
  5. somewhere I remember seeing a web page that had a breakdown of some of the marshall models. I can't find the link by using the search. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Or if someone can explain some of the differences in teh 900s that would be good. What is a slx? How is that different that a plain 900? I found a 2x12 900 combo with 2 volumes and 2 reverb controls in a music store I'm going to go and tryout. but I also see a couple slx for sale as well.
  6. I sent you a PM on the cabinet Alessandro Working Dog Boxer 20W 2x10" combo w/ Tuki Cover - $700 shipped. Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 2x12" 16 ohm Cabinet - $350 shipped. Catalinbread Super Chili Picoso Boost - $95 shipped. Also have a 5E3 Cabinet with 12" hole, a 5E3 Cabinet with 15" Weber Ceramic Speaker, a Weber Alnico Blue Dog 12" 15W/16 ohm, and some other parts. PM me if interested.
  7. Ok. I having been thinking of getting an eq to tailor my sound a little. I was really looking at the mxr 10 band. That was until I realized I could buy a dual 15 band rack unit for the same money or actually less. I do run 2 amps sometimes. I was looking at the Art dual 15 band eq. I know that not all rack eq have 1/4" jacks, but this one does. So question number one is, of the guys running the mxr pedal do you run it between the guitar and amp or in your amps effects loop? And question number 2, is there any reason I should not buy a rack unit like the Art and stick with the mxr 10 band? Paul
  8. I've got some roadking questions. What is the difference between the I and II versions of this amp. What changes were made and when? I'm curious as to just how much switching a channel to the el34 power tubes really changes the sound. Is there really that big of a difference in sound with this option? It's still the same preamp so I'm wondering if paying for this option is really worth it over just buying a roadster. There aren't many roadkings around here for me to try out. I do like the roadster however.
  9. No. This is not the lonestar special I this a lone star special??
  10. I've decided to sell my Lonestar combo. It is in perfect condition. Should still have about 3 years left on the warranty as well. New price is currently $1799 on these. I'd like $1200. plus shipping. I've got some pics I can send you when I can get back to my other computer.
  11. I've got a lonestar 2x12 I'm going to put up for sale. Spotless with at least 3 years left on warranty. I'd like to get $1200 plus shipping. i'm vulturing for a good price on a lonestar... the clean channel is addicting with a strat. GC employees have to tear me from those little stools when it's closing time...
  12. Anyone want to trade their jsx for my solo 50? It is in perfect cosmetic shape. It's been kept in a "live in" road case. I may intertain other offers but I'm being kind of picky about what I want.
  13. Anyone interested in trading their JSX for a Mesa single rec solo 50 series II head? I may be interested in other trades but I don't know. Maybe a stilleto. I may just go a head and sell it outright if no one offers an interesting trade. I have a "live in" road case that was over $200 as well. I'm thinking $850 for an outright sell.
  14. Do you want to sell your 16 ohm greenbacks? How much if you do?
  15. what's the difference in the version with the white knobs and the new one with the black knobs?
  16. great pics. But what happened to her face? It it that bad or is she just shy?
  17. how much for the last 2 with shipping? I'm interested. send me a pm if you want
  18. Yes, please fix the links. I am dying to hear the rockerverb clips. Originally posted by firebird1999us :mad: Well I'm gonna fix it yo!!!
  19. tried sending you a pm but it was kicked back. I have a mesa solo 50 in a road case I'd like to trade. I have finally decided to go a head and trade it off. get back with me.
  20. I don't know if it would change the clean side that much. I don't know how much it will really change anything since the preamp will still be the same.
  21. Has anyone tried out el34s or 6v6 in their lonestar. I'm just not quite satisfied with the breakup on channel 2. Any comparisons on how much the sound actually changed. I like the lonestar for fat clean lead sounds but sometimes there just isn't enough sizzle there for me. I am wondering if I should try the tube changes or just get a stileto.
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