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  1. Or you may need to consider a new toot supplier.
  2. So it seems I've narrowed the problem down to V3, but it's still not solved. I replaced it and suddenly the amp was back to full life again, but later in the day it went back to dropping volume as before. I replaced it 3 times, each time the amp would run great, then after about 30 mins, or after switching off and on the amp, the same problem would occur again. This definitely sounds like something out of my remit, I'm going to have to take this back to a tech. Sounds weird, possibly a dodgy cap or dry joint? If you get no joy from your tech then Marshall will sort it without fuss and for minimal cost.
  3. Here's the post group phase standings: Props to John for being #1. I'm surprised I'm in 5th when half my team have performed like muppets. And I forgot to swap out Arjen Robben before it started. Screwed up a transfer too, didn't realise I could have six Argentines in the squad now.
  4. 10mins to go for some final tweaks. Good luck all, may the best man win.
  5. Here's my permutation. A lot of 2nd a 3rd group spots are 50/50's but I'm expecting the quarter-finals to resemble my prediction; any team who doesn't make it will be a "shock" exit. Oh, and I'm giving a positive spin on the final...
  6. England v Mexico @ Wembley kicks off at 19:00 GMT tonight. It's streaming on ITV: http://www.itv.com/sport/football/englandinternationals/ I'm not sure if overseas people will be able to access the stream?
  7. Do any of you blokes listen to the World Football Phone-In on R5? It's the best world football show. You should be able to get some good tips for your teams over the next few shows. http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/wf Pissed myself on the latest one when they asked what country's football was embodied by this track... [YOUTUBE]KJ2Oi3EQkr4[/YOUTUBE] Blatantly Scotland.
  8. it actually converts to 377,099.99 USD according to xe.com I'm sure ebay doesn't keep up-to-date on exchange rates. No, I don't think the dollar is that strong, it's more like $434,055.
  9. Any Germans or Argies in the house? Also, this thread needs the anthem of anthems: [YOUTUBE]K9SmXz5E1R4[/YOUTUBE]
  10. In England you have to mark that you do not want to be a donor, or you are automatically one No, that's incorrect. You have to give consent to be a donor.
  11. Fairs fair, Phil should ban thisisexile, an eye for an eye and all that.
  12. I just posted this at HCAF. An offering for the pedal boys. PS Zachman was temp banned for two months for name calling and arguing incessantly, and while out on that temp ban (it wasn't his first temp ban for the same sorts of violations), he decided to create an alt and then use it to post in "support" of himself. That got him the perma-ban. Lulz, classic sock puppetry, I can totally believe he did this.
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