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  1. Or you may need to consider a new toot supplier.
  2. I went old-school freestyle tonight and knocked this up, for a mate, out of crap I had laying about. Started off with good intentions but it got a bit hectic near the end -- small enclosures FTMFL! Thankfully it worked perfectly first time with no perceivable added noise. Gave it a simulated 10 year abuse test with a rubber mallet and I deem it to be a solid build. It's not very clear in the pic but it has a multi-level construction ethos for multi-dimensional toneage. Oh, and it has a green LED.
  3. Bump. How? Pretty easily, but I find he provides more lulz as a free man, and as a proud new Club Chopper member I can't really grass on a bro. Just waiting to hear back from my peeps at S&S Cycle and Baker Drivetrain now...
  4. Do you have a link to the thread on the other website? http://www.clubchopper.com/forums/chopper-lounge/89786-rock-island-sig-sauer-15.html#post1145994
  5. I don't know if internet posts are classed as incriminating evidence or grounds for a search warrant in the US, especially as Vince is so full of {censored}, but this is the claim: To be brutally honest with you...... I only endorse-Own and Carry a few different types of 1911's : Springfield Armory Micro-Tactical .45 in Stainless with all Novak sights slide & barrel work and bushings ,beveled magazine well,skeletilized trigger,commander hammer and beavertail grip safety-as well as ambidextros safety. Colt Stainless Officers Model w/the same as above mods but with Trijicon night sights-Wilson Combat barrel bushing-and 40 lpi checkering on a modded trigger guard. Colt Lightweight Commander w/beavertail grip,beveled mag well,ported & polished by Novak w/Gold Cup trigger and Match Grade barrel Colt Govt.Model done with Combat Carry Mod Pkg. By Cylinder & Slide Shop in New Hampshire-all the goods-NO frills in parkerised finish Kimber Combat Carry Custom-nothing needs to be said or done.Its the FINEST 1911 clone ever made(even surpassing the original) Para-Ordnance Stainless P-12 w/ALL the stuff the Springfield has but w/MORE Mag Capacity and Longer barrel-BEST high Capacity .45 made. And I feed ALL Of Them with Cor-Bon +P 185 grain SJHP . SIG Makes a FINE Weapon and I dont fault you or criticize your choice of a 1911 clone in any way ~ I'm just a die hard detail guy that loves Colt ,Kimber,Para-Ordnance & Springfield Armory. I'd take the Sig if it was the only one available.
  6. {censored}er's a felon now, right? That's what I thought.
  7. He's currently trying to establish himself as a bike guru at Club Chopper. Latest claims are that he's an ex-marine, drag racer, top-level dealer for S&S Cycle and Baker Drivetrain (though he's strangely absent from their dealer listings) and has an arsenal including half a dozen 1911s. I may have to join Club Chopper for a play sometime...
  8. So it seems I've narrowed the problem down to V3, but it's still not solved. I replaced it and suddenly the amp was back to full life again, but later in the day it went back to dropping volume as before. I replaced it 3 times, each time the amp would run great, then after about 30 mins, or after switching off and on the amp, the same problem would occur again. This definitely sounds like something out of my remit, I'm going to have to take this back to a tech. Sounds weird, possibly a dodgy cap or dry joint? If you get no joy from your tech then Marshall will sort it without fuss and for minimal cost.
  9. just reliving the "good ole days" here at HCAF....And of course, thought this needed a bump for review. Any news on this clown? The Connecticut Criminal database hasn't worked for sometime. http://www.jud.ct.gov/crim.htm His son is a guido.
  10. Here's the post group phase standings: Props to John for being #1. I'm surprised I'm in 5th when half my team have performed like muppets. And I forgot to swap out Arjen Robben before it started. Screwed up a transfer too, didn't realise I could have six Argentines in the squad now.
  11. 10mins to go for some final tweaks. Good luck all, may the best man win.
  12. Here's my permutation. A lot of 2nd a 3rd group spots are 50/50's but I'm expecting the quarter-finals to resemble my prediction; any team who doesn't make it will be a "shock" exit. Oh, and I'm giving a positive spin on the final...
  13. England v Mexico @ Wembley kicks off at 19:00 GMT tonight. It's streaming on ITV: http://www.itv.com/sport/football/englandinternationals/ I'm not sure if overseas people will be able to access the stream?
  14. Do any of you blokes listen to the World Football Phone-In on R5? It's the best world football show. You should be able to get some good tips for your teams over the next few shows. http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/wf Pissed myself on the latest one when they asked what country's football was embodied by this track... [YOUTUBE]KJ2Oi3EQkr4[/YOUTUBE] Blatantly Scotland.
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