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  1. Heavy, dark.... and of course VERY aggresive
  2. We had a thread about this before. My guess was that Marshall read some of the lyrics to any of their past disc's and pulled production. I don't think it's gonna happen. But I wish it would
  3. Vote for Ron Paul Yeah... vote for another republican! And if he doesn't win. Then just have him appointed! I'm sure his approval rating will be at least 38% after one term in office. Which is nearly twice what the current republican incombant has. Plus, will be in much better shape with someone that agrees with 90% of what President Bush has done. Now that's REAL change!
  4. Thanks for the insightful commentary. There been floods back before, boy. The Bible does not say that. And if it's not in The Bible you have to prove it to be true. Or it's called fiction.
  5. Why is the report of Noah's flood in the Bible false, when there is evidence of several giant floods in our past? It's NOT false! The Bible is ALL true!!!! Every single word. And everything anybody needs to know is in the Bible. If people would just stop listening to these stupid scientists, and put down the texts books, so they can pick up the Bible, and listen to a man that claims to know God. The world would be a better place. It drives me nuts that people want to find proof that Jesus was even real. How dare they! Can't you see.... There is NO proof that Jesus ever existed. That's why we have the Bible to remind us of the facts.
  6. I saw a band do some Prong covers last year. The guitarist was playing thru a Framus Cobra. It sounded fucking killer!!!!!!!! Those damn Framus Cobras are NO joke! Gotta love those tube amps!
  7. Static X uses the same, no?? Or is it the MG? I read Static X used the MG in the studio. Prong kicks ass, I saw 'em play live in a small club about 10 years ago. IMO--- solid state amps sound dry and harsh, but both Static X and Prong have done a great job making harsh sound real cool. Metal forever!
  8. I loves me some Dave Lombardo! Best drummer EVAR!!!!!
  9. very nice No it's not... It's sweet! :poke:
  10. edit - just got off the phone with support, they should be picking it up to be fixed soon Free of charge as well, even the phone call was free That is the same thing I did. They got my unit back to me in about 2 or 3 weeks. They shipped mine to Texas (so if you live closer to texas it might be a little quicker) and I have had only one crash since then. All in all... the new Bill Gates "free" extended warantee kicks ass! FWIW--- before my console was fixed, it did not have the same problem as your unit. Mine had the "3 red lights of death" Also...... I like your avatar, we should do "Even Stephen" someday!
  11. ALOHA... Happy New Year. What's up buddy! Happy New Year back at ya! Man... one day I'm gonna go to Hawaii Zachman! One day!
  12. I'd like to see her with no shirt on!
  13. I no longer live in this area, but these guys are good if you like teh heavy. www.myspace.com/spitcan
  14. The only person more crazy on that show was her old man. Sheeesh What a {censored}ing weird'o!!!!!
  15. Mine's a Canadian model Canadian amps are {censored} amps! American JCM amps do it better! :poke:
  16. Hi, I'm a hateful crazy bitch with fake red hair, and I used to suck Brett Michaels dick, nice to met you.
  17. How about when buying any tube combo amp off ebay... is it dangerous to ship those puppies because of the weight and the glass tube valves?
  18. ^^^ hahahahaha that bitch takes the cake for insane bitches!
  19. How about the speaker outs on those JCM800's combos... do they all have a speaker output jack for a 4x12 cab?
  20. Wonder if those Line6 amps designed with Bogner will be there? I saw one at a local music store the other day. What's that all about?
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