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  1. Nice guitar. I've got an S-1 Bada Bling and I love it. Let me know if you're interested in trading for a Fender MIM Strat. Like new, plastic still on pickguard & back plate. Also have a Red Witch Moon Phaser.
  2. Looking for a spandex-worthy 80's guitar. Think 80's metal tribute act. Examples would include stuff like Aria Pro Urchin, Peavey Mantis, Peavey Mystic, Westone guitars, Carvin V220, BC Rich NJ models, the list goes on. Fender MIM Stratocaster. Like new, plastic still on pickguard & back plate. Couple of light marks that wouldn't show up in photos. Nice clean MIM Strat. Includes gigbag. Red Witch Moon Phaser. Older version. Serial 2004/199. Velcro on bottom.
  3. Washburn Renegade WM24V in metallic silver with black binding. This guitar was an impulse buy and I just cant afford to keep it. Its new, I played on it for maybe an hour. Still has a hang tag on one of the tuners. Killer shredder axe. Plays and sounds as good as the Ibanez shredders I've owned over the years (RG560, 570, etc.). I was also impressed with the pickups. Very hot. Love the carved body. Star neck inlays. Comes with the Washburn gigbag and original box. $275 plus shipping. Always up for trade offers. Can add cash if need be. Would also trade for a Playstation 3. (stock photo)
  4. Boss RPD-10 Digital Panning Delay Boss RRV-10 Digital Reverb Boss RCB-4 rack case (2-space rack holds 4 of these micro units) Would like to sell all together. $115 shipped. Will trade for a Korg rack tuner. RPD-10 specs: http://www.bossarea.com/other/rpd10.asp RRV-10 specs: http://www.bossarea.com/other/rrv10.asp RCB-4 specs: http://www.bossarea.com/other/rcb4.asp
  5. Can u post a pic? If I can sell my original Red Witch Moon Phaser right quick, I'll grab it.
  6. trade for this? http://acapella.harmony-central.com/showthread.php?t=2280302
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