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  1. Hi. Been a while since I've been on this site. I hope I still have references here. I have a Peavey Vypyr 30 guitar amp in excellent condition. I'd call it an 8 since it has been played and does have minor signs of use. Functionally it's problem-free. Does what it's supposed to. I took this in lieu of payment on a debt. I don't play guitar. I'm thinkin $200 or close... I don't want to ship this, so...in-person, cash. I'm in Fullerton by State College and Imperial.
  2. On eBay, ends tonight. List is $2100ish US. Current price less than $1000 US http://cgi.ebay.com/Fret-King-Green-Label-Esprit-V-guitar-Korina-finish-/200589531381?pt=Guitar&hash=item2eb41158f5 Wording is a bit off. Guitar is constructed with Korina wood, not finished in "Korina" Finish is natural/maple as shown
  3. Bump. Sold the 8 space. 16 space ATA has to go. Make offer.
  4. https://picasaweb.google.com/D.L.Spang/PageSGear?feat=directlink
  5. Never really thought Page's name would add value, just a "cooool!" factor for those of us who dug Helmet funny about the Kolbe stuff. Sold several pieces a few years back that Kolbe had worked his magic on. Helmet forum! DOH! Didn't even think of it. Thanks!
  6. How can you prove they were owned by Page Hamilton? How can you prove they weren't? KIDDING! I can prove it any way someone asks me to. I know the truth. The gear came from Helmet's jam room. I moved it all myself. This is probably my fifth or sixth round selling gear for Page. If you're genuinely interested in buying something, I will work with you. If you're just...looking to...whatever it is...call my integrity into question, well...no need. I know where I stand.
  7. Bump. Sold all three monitors. Have ONE gator case left.
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