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  1. I love the tone of the FD2. I was looking for that tone with more gain, I thought OCD might be a Fulldrive with lots more gain. Thanks for all the help guys.
  2. 1 Disintegration, 2 Pornography
  3. Can you please share your Memory Boy settings. Thanks
  4. Anyone have any good memoey boy settings they would like to share?
  5. I got a couple of new pedals for X-Mas and need help putting them in the right order. Boss - TU2 Fulltone - FD2 Way Huge - Fat Sandwich EHX - Big Muff Pi Boss - BF3 EHX - Small Stone Line6 - Verbzilla EHX - Memory Boy Boss - DD3 Thanks for the help
  6. I love YOTR, Failure and Autolux. Just sayin.
  7. Can you guys give me your Fat Sammy Settings. The trimp pots on the inside is what I really need. I play through a Vox AC-15. Thanks
  8. Did you mess with the knobs on the inside?
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