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  1. Any idea if this neck pocket is Fender strat neck friendly????? what are you looking to get for it?
  2. Sorry, he just bought a Quick Rod head and needs to pay for it with the proceeds from the street rod.
  3. I am listing a Splawn Street Rod head for the guitar player in my band. This is a two owner head, roughly 4 months old. Not a mark on it. Black tolex. This is a fantastic sounding head, $1350 shipped in the CONUS. pics for interested parties also listing a brand new Line 6 DT-50 head. 3 months old, new and unused, box, manuals etc..... 950 shipped in CONUS
  4. This thread is relevant to my interests, I have an 06 that I will likely be trying to sell as well, Had it up previously for sale at an outrageously low price including a matching Splawn 2x12 cab and had NO takers. Bump for a kick you dead square in the nuts amplifier.
  5. 25 bucks? these are new and unused, but unboxed.
  6. Bought a brand new quartet of Sovtek EL-84's for my Laney VC-30, only to discover a completely seperate thing was responsible for my amp issue. These have not been installed in anything. how bout 35 bucks for the quartet?
  7. Funny story goes along with these items. Approximately 2.5 years ago my garage was burglarized and several thousand dollars worth of items were taken. To make a long story short, turns out my 19 year old neighbor broke into my garage. I was able to recover everything that was taken with the exception of my Weber Mass, my Cry Baby, my Visual Sound H2O pedal, and my Ryobi cordless kit. Fast forward to yesterday, I am in a local pawn shop and happen to notice my Weber, then my cry baby, still in its box in the counter display. Pawn dude looks into his computer and sees that they were brought in by the kid back in early 2010. Soooooooo, I got these back from him yesterday, and now they are up on the block. Weber Mass lite is the 100 watt version, in nearly new condition, works perfectly- sold, thanks masterburrfoot Dunlop Cry Baby Classic with fasel- has the obligatory broken battery box cover, but otherwise in fantastic condition. sold
  8. What in the world?!? Am I reading that right. A Bray modded 1987x for $700?? Yes you are, and STILL nobody has any money to buy it!!!!!! WTF hey????? Think I may just pull this stuff and plop it on Ebay, probably short changing myself on several of these items, but market is not what it once was either.
  9. someone wanted to see pics of the taco strat. here you go
  10. Originally Posted by aliensporebomb My biggest question: everyone seems to think it's just a preamp. Is it actually an amplifier too? Could you use it to drive a cabinet for live gigs or is it more of a studio tool for recording? Really cool technology I must say. yeah, it needs a power source, it is, in essence, a "preamp" at this point I believe.
  11. man i need that splawn and cab.... you want a soldano..? trades....? im switching over to bass from guitar, the only reason im selling my gear
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