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  1. The venues are on Red River The shops are on South Congress and Guadalupe (the stretch near the university) Hut's has the best damned burgers ever. It is on 6th Street closer to Lamar near Whole Foods. And 6th street is completely overrated
  2. The Leftovers. and then the drummer and bassist decided to ditch playing punk rock and formed The Black Dahlia Murder. Doh. No {censored}. Really?
  3. Eclipsed Mind. We were a bunch of middle schoolers into classic rock, and I thought it was the coolest name ever.
  4. I use flatwound .13's in my Jazzmaster (25.5") and generally keep it tuned to Drop B. I sometimes tune it up to drop D for some guys I jam with, and it does get to be a little painful by the end. I used to use .09's, then 10-52's, and I want to put 11's or 12's on my other guitars now (SG, LP, Casino, and a Supro clone)
  5. I know Mike Sullivan from Russian Circles swears by them. Unfortunately, that may not be enough to convince you if you are not a diehard Russian Circles fan.
  6. I leave that to the pros... More technically progressive and/or faster things are far easier to play with a higher guitar. Trust me, I have learned this from experience. Also, I find the Jazzmaster wayyyy more comfortable to play than strat. HCEG disagrees with me, though.
  7. They're probably more shoegaze than noise, but mine is A Place to Bury Strangers. If that doesn't count, then Boris. If that doesn't count, then {censored} you.
  8. already been in contact with them on a custom i want done. just need the money and ill be pulling the trigger. What custom things, and how much, if you don't mind me asking?
  9. Discuss. Also, I totally want a Standard Series Two (this is a Series Two, with a wood body, but unfortunately I couldn't find a super flattering picture of a Standard Series Two with an aluminum body)
  10. The hate comes from people who like more classic tones. People associate EMGs with guys that play exclusively metal. Sterile, crisp, ultra-hot pickups. I like to piss those kind of people off by playing metal with a Jazzmaster
  11. I wouldn't pay over $550 for a CIJ... they are pretty weak enteries into the jazzmaster cannon IMO Your opinion, in my opinion, is a terrible one. My CIJ Jazzmaster is amazing.
  12. The CIJ's are awesome, by the way. If you just replace the pickups, everything will be ok.
  13. They are quite the amazing guitars. Which is also why my #1 is a CIJ Jazzmaster with a bound neck with block inlays
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