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  1. 1952/19587 Terry Mueller 1958 Conversion Les Paul GT: This is a Terry Mueller conversion which started life as a 53 Goldtop. It still has its original finish front and back! The 58’ modifications include a reset neck to 58’ angle and specs, refret to wider 59’ frets PAF Humbucker PUP’s, stop bar, a Tune O Matic, complete original finish as stated earlier. All work was done by Terry Mueller and anyone in the “Biz” knows the top two conversion luthiers were Terry Mueller and of course Chris Mirabella …and I say “were” because neither of them are doing conversions any longer. This guitar in the industry is referred to as “Mueller Conversion,” by astute members of the guitar community. This beauty has mostly original 50’s parts including: original finish front and back, Brazilian rosewood fretboard, back plastic, inlays, knobs, jack & jack plate, harness, pots, knobs, tuners, switch, switch tip, hardware, screws, PAF’s & original 50’s bridge. Non-Original: Stop bar, studs, strap button, PUP rings, pick guard is a Mueller special (?), also historic bridge in case, thumb wheels, and switch ring. Guitars comes in a 70’s protector chainsaw case. Looking to get $26.5 with PAF’s or $22.5 without…so contact me directly for info or questions. All you guitar forums experts…what can I say? I know you’ll try to pick this apart…but it is the real deal and you all know it! This is your chance to own true 50’s wood and “tone” and have the same 58’ Dickey Betts tone made famous for way, way less than the $85 you see them going for. You folks outside the USA…take advantage of the weak dollar and get it now! Excellent condition and shape as you can see from the pics. 516-889-6895. I am willing to speak off line if you wish so contact me rich@thefishingline.com for offers or call 516-435-8382 eastern TIME business hours ONLY! contact me directly if SERIOUSLY interested.
  2. For sale 1968 Super Reverb: killer amp, just bought it in November, put in $300 to make it right, all original, we disassembled, replace the tremolo pot with a period correct 69’ pot, replaced caps, replaced power cord with three pring, pre-amp and rectifier tubes, bias, lube pots, contact cleaner, reattach bias pot and tested…sounds killer! New tubes too JJ 6L6’s, JJ 12AT7 ECC81, JJ 12AX7 ECC83 / JJ GZ34 RECTIFIER. All work done by jack at Rock n Roll amps..none better! Lots of pics contact me direct rich@thefishingline.com
  3. This is a 2007 Gibson Historic R8 (1958) sunburst Les Paul plain top. Serial number 8_7xxx which signifies the reissue year and the year it was made. This spectacular plain top is neat mint in Ex++++ condition as is the case and al stock with no changes made. All case candy, COA, price tags, and anything that came with this guitar is all included. Not much else left to say for this beauty. Retailed for $3,200 I believe back in 07’. Selling for $2500 or best offer that is not insulting. plenty of pics contact me direct at rich@thefishingline.com
  4. Gorgeous 1974 walnut SG Standard with 71’ Marigold Gibson SG case. Guitar is very; very clean a solid 9 out of 10. Case is the same way. Only mod was a 500k CTS pot upgrade (4). HOWEVER the four (4) ORIGINAL 1974 POTS are included in the case. Guitar is just how I received it from a forum board member in trade for my 1976 LP Deluxe. Guitar is missing one screw from the bridge pickup ring. Otherwise the guitar is all there. Asking $1,800 obo. Plenty of pics so contact rich@thefishingline.com
  5. Sunburst 17" maple body, top of the line Gibson flat top with original Gibson-badged Lifton brown & pink case. "S" Factory Order Number on neck block indicates 1959 manufacture, with A329XX serial number. Original sunburst finish with factory gold Grover tuners which was an option at the time. Original pearl inlaid bridge and original bridgeplate. White border truss rod cover and engraved pickguard. No changed parts. No head stock or heel crack. Finish checking but not cracks through wood. Never had a neck reset and doesn't need one - plays great with slick low action and full height frets. Top is flat with no distortion. Recent professional setup. $10,500 plenty of pics so contact me rich@thefishingline.com
  6. ...in Candy Apple Red in EX++ condition with minimal wear right out from under the bed, not played in 20 years. Schaller tuners replaced the cheap Yamaha tuners, thumb rest added all before I bought it. Just had a pro set up in June, clean and polished, set up with GHS M3045 Set bass strings, volume pot and tone pot clean and great. All original sans the tuners from what I can see. Sounds Great with super clean albeit bumper stickers case. Asking $225
  7. 1980 Guild D35 acoustic guitar solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides, Rosewood Bridge and fretboard. Neck mahogany as well. Solid guitar in excellent condition with what looks to be original hard-shell case. Has had a full Fishman pickup system installed within the last 2 years. Under saddle pickup with both volume and tone knobs just inside top edge of sound hole. Sounds killer on stage or in your living room unplugged. Medium neck and so comfortable to play. Tone for days and easy to play with low action and as stated guitar is in excellent condition. No problems with this one.
  8. Plennty of pics so contact me rich@thefishingline.com
  9. 1978 Fender Precision Bass in Olympic White Here we have an all original & gorgeous “under the bed” special 1978 Fender precision bass in Olympic white from its original owner that has not been played in 30 years! Has the original bill of sale! This 1978 Fender P Bass with serial number S864xxx had the original strings on it. Guitar in an 8.7/10 condition with a few light scratches on back and a mark or two on back or horn. Finish has yellowed very slightly, little case bleed on the arm wear area but minimal. Neck lacquer still intact and not worn anywhere. The case even better that that at 9.5. Just had a full pro set up with underneath pickguard cleaned, frets freshly polished, cleaned all pots and input jack, restrung with GHS ML3045 round wound strings and no neck adjustment needed!! Lowered the action, set bridge saddles and set intonation and tuned up ready to go. Don’t let this one get by you!! $2k
  10. 61' Champ and 68' Deluxe Reverb are sold
  11. 61' Champ and 68' Deluxe Reverb are sold
  12. 50's Les Paul P90 pickguard $950 50's Les Paul P90 pickguard $950 50's Les Paul PAF's $2300 each or 2500 for the pair 50's Les paul Cut pickguard for PAF's $700 50's Gibson Tuners $500 50' Gibson Tuner Ferrules hexogonal or round 50's Gibson ABR-1 bridges (3) wiht saddles $650 without $550
  13. 1964 Gibson Melody Maker in very very good condition all original except someone put 1965 tuners on it for whatever reason so you do see the old
  14. Forgot $2300 with hard shell case
  15. 1973 Gibson Hummingbird with Fishman under bridge pickup added. Plays geat, sounds great, very good condtition...moving out of state selling off a few things 516-435-8382 (NY) Plenty of pics so e mail me
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