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  1. ^This did the trick. One pass with the narrowest nut file got the job done. The SHPROING is gone! Thanks to all who jumped in here...
  2. Thanks, that makes sense. The saddle seems to me to be eliminated when the notes ring proud and true when the string is fretted... New nut, here we come...
  3. I think I've tried that but let me give it another shot...(it's ben awhile). I'll report back!
  4. On a fine old Mexi strat I brought back from near-death, I'm still getting a doingy / unwanted sitar-ish sort of sound on the high E string... But only when it's not fretted. This has made me look at the nut and check that the slot is not cut too low, and it's not. The string clearly has good clearance over the first fret and beyond. Any ideas what the culprit may be? Could it be the saddle (even though the sound goes away when the string is fretted)? ...Nut slot cut too *wide*? Where would y'all look first? ...Much obliged for any replies!
  5. I gotta get me a pic and stuff, but haven't been here in many years...used to love this board the mostest cuz it was the bestest. Fond memories of the much learned / traded hereabouts!
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