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  1. 2 hours ago, Phil O'Keefe said:

    From whatever location you have it stored on your computer, straight into the box where you enter in text for a post. Grab the icon for the image, drag it into the box, and the forum software will upload it and insert it into the message / post automatically in just a few seconds, depending on the image size and your connection 


  2. 1 hour ago, SteinbergerHack said:

    Well, the Kemper isn't a modeler, per se.  It reproduces the sound of your amp - you actually let the Kemper play through your amp to develop the map.

    I agree that finding the right tube amp is a long, arduous task - and I really love what I have with my Marshall and Bogner.

    I haven't found a modeler that I like at all, but the profiler (Kemper) actually does what I am looking for - reproduce the sound of my existing amps, but at a much lighter weght.

    Not really...I bought a small box non-master volume 50 watt Marshall in 1970...I've stuck with non-master Marshalls ever since. Never needed anything else.

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