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  1. Made Yet?

    Metal sounding dirt boxes that sound good into a dirty amp, don't sound lifeless and do not use diodes for clipping.

    Man, I have tried so many dirt pedals of which only one or two work well with a dirty amp.

    On the other hand, Hermidas Mosferatu works really well with dirty amps, so how hard can it be?

  2. i didnt even know newsgroups were still used... I used to visit alt.guitar.effects or soemthing like that long ago.... Last time i was there it was 100% spam... diet pills... dick pills.... breast pills... {censored} pills... get rich quick... and flowers???


    Been reading a.g.e. for a while, practically no spam now.

  3. Hey I already have a Monsterpiece NPN, Vexter Fuzz Factory and a Voodoo Lab Proctavia.

    What fuzz pedal could be a great addition to these fuzz and add something new to my rig.


    I think you have the basics covered pretty well. One thing you might look into is the 70s stuff -- Superfuzz, Bee Baa, Blender, Standard Fuzz etc.

  4. Koch-Supernova1.jpg


    I think I've seen this one at the Musikmesse 2006. It looked differently back then.


    Sounded quite nice, but at the Musikmesse, everything does (that's why it's called "Demos").

  5. cot 50 how much do they go for.. and what exactly do they do?

    160-170 and higher depending on the type. It's a dirty boost that stays pretty sweet. Adds some dirt and a bit of volume boost.

    I have two -- one 2004 with red LED and a small-box white one with red LED. The white one is louder and more trebly than the older one.

    The COT50 is probably the only thing he does that has some sort of universal appeal.

  6. There are few non virtual guitar sounds that you can't achieve for a lot less than $1700 (not even counting the guitar and amp).

    Well you can always buy a VG-8 for -- how much is it these days? 300? 400?

    You wouldn't believe what sounds you can get out of these units. And the pickups suck. No, they won't stick to your guitar, you have to drill them in. So better buy a guitar that comes stock with one.

  7. I thought if it passed signal without power, it was true bypass. Apparently I was WRONG!


    It's still possible that only a SPDT switch is used. In that case, the input signal is split to the effect and the output and the switch merely selects between the input and the output signal.


    Examples include the DOD 201.


    On the other hand, these effects are easily modded for true bypass.

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