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    I wish people would post the names of the pedals along with the picture.


    Good point.

    Top row is for octave-ups: Atmos, Stratoblaster (boost for Mosquito), Burford Mosquito.

    Bottom row is for brewtal gheyn: Black Magic, Balance, DOD Phasor/201 and JFET Preamp/Splitter.

  2. Basically, I am in a situation where my friend was interested in possible mods for his pedal (primarily in terms of reducing noise), so I said I would find all the info I could.


    Here's the explanation. Let's say a Germanium diode starts clipping at 0.3 V and we'll also say it clips so hard that your guitar signal is limited to +- 0.3 V (there are usually two diodes, one for the upper and one for the lower part of the signal). Your guitar signal has peaks larger than +- 0.3 V, so you'd need some amplification to bring it back to unity gain.


    LEDs clip a lot later. Red ones at maybe 1.5 V. If you get +- 1.5 V after the clipping, you don't need any gain to bring the signal back to unity gain.


    On the other hand, and I didn't think of that, is that you obviously need more gain before the clipping to get the same amount of clipping from the diodes.


    Which kind of defeats the point I was trying to make.


    Maybe looking at the opamp's spec is a better idea. :D

  3. Anyone around here done any of these mods?


    Without having looked at the schematics -- if there is a gain recovery stage after clipping, using diodes with higher clipping thresholds will let you reduce the gain needed after clipping (I hope I expressed this in a clear, precise way).


    On the other hand, LEDs clip differently than other diodes. Maybe you can socket the diodes and play around with them.

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