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  1. Originally posted by Brian Marshall

    The oversaturation should really only happen with the upper drive knob past 3:00.

    I have pickups with lots of output though.

    Originally posted by Brian Marshall

    If you are getting oversaturation through out the whole range, i suspect there may be something wrong with the pedal. I can take a look at it if you'd like.

    No, not through all the range, just some of it. The effect is biased correctly though.

  2. Originally posted by mattpas

    I am torn between the Subdecay Blackstar and Stupid Box.

    I have a Blackstar that I'm going to sell soon. I didn't like it. Gets into oversaturation (backwards effects) easily and always sounds hard and fuzzy. I wouldn't really call the Blackstar a distortion. Plus you need to be able to bias the FETs unless you buy new.

  3. Originally posted by supagav

    I am a 21 year old senior at UCLA, and I would like to purchase an inexpensive amp for my Fender 1960s Replica Mexican Stratocaster (purchased 2001).


    You can find lots of old small tube combos on eBay. I bought a small Silvertone 1331 for 220 bucks a while ago. You'll need new capacitors, but then they'll be fine.

  4. I like fuzz.


    That Black Magic is a Black Beauty Balance (tweakable FF clone). I have a Dice Works Astronimus and a Lovepedal Toxic that are not on this photo. And some other non-fuzz pedals. The Kimbara/Shin-Ei is gone though.

    I had three Vox Tone Benders at one point. :freak:

  5. Originally posted by mdintx

    Is there a pedal out there that provides it's own gain but doesn't alter the tone?

    Probably something opamp-based like the Micro amp.

    Originally posted by mdintx

    Every pedal I've tried (not that I've tried all that many) colors the tone in some way. Does adding gain simply change the sound?

    More gain is usually more clipping so yes.

    Totally clean can be done with opamps. Read this thread for some DIY recommendations.

  6. Originally posted by Psychedelic Trip

    Wow g3rmanium. You have some nice stuff. I want one of those Fuzz-Tones


    I was listening to the sample clip for the Fuzz Tone reissue and it sounded like a Metal Zone to me.


    They've been getting rarer on eBay, I think. But keep trying and I'm sure you'll find one.


    Btw: If you're looking for the Satisfaction sound, the FZ-1A is better. The FZ-1 is much louder and more of a boost.

  7. Originally posted by Skunk Werks

    I'm looking for opinions on what You think are the best power tubes (EL34 and EL84) for current DSL/TSL Marshalls?

    I would also like to know what your favorite preamp tubes are, and in which slots (v1, v2, v3,v4)?


    I did a tube test with my Marshall 6100LM a while ago.


    My impression was that with non-purist amps (the 6100LM looks like a badly organized computer inside), the choice of preamp tubes doesn't make a lot of difference.


    In my Super Lead, it does.

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