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  1. Lovepedal Black Magic. +1 on the Ibanez Thrashmetal. Ibanez Slam Punk. Ibanez Cyberdrive.
  2. g3rmanium has the coolest avatar ever in the history of avatars. .sigged!
  3. For auction: Studio Electronics Helium BlackBox Cobalt DNA Analogic Gain Fxxer JEN Distortion Booster Shin-Ei/Kimbara Fuzz/Wah Mega combo deal, no reserve, US$ 1 starting bid. Thanks for looking!
  4. I'd be willing to bet this sounds better n' all of 'em.. Digital brewtal gheyn... meh.
  5. if it was the rocktron Zombie VS the metal planet WHICH would win? The Zombie has more gain. The Metal Planet reminded me of the Metal Zone.
  6. {censored}e - i forgot about the Rocktron Zombie - kinda like a Mesa in a pedal - ideal for poor bastards who can not afford four full-stack, RoadKings, like ME !!! You win.
  7. I'd like it a lot more if it wasn't for that nasty volume drop. You can always put a boost after it!
  8. I bought a FY-2 a few months back for 1/2 that price. And the FY-2 isn't even all that great.
  9. Maestro Fuzztones ($510!!! each); http://cgi.ebay.com/REAL-66-Gibson-Maestro-FZ-1A-FZ-1-Fuzz-Tone-with-box_W0QQitemZ300080554723QQihZ020QQcategoryZ41418QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem http://cgi.ebay.com/VINTAGE-Gibson-Maestro-FUZZ-TONE-Pedal_W0QQitemZ280086476592QQihZ018QQcategoryZ41418QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem I bought my FZ-1A for US$ 100 and my FZ-1 for approximately 180 EUR.
  10. I'm looking for a single distortion pedal, something extremely high-gain. Insane gains: Zoom Tri-Metal. High gain: Rocktron Zombie. I prefer the Zombie over the Tri-Metal. The Tri-Metal sounds pretty static and lifeless like most diode clippers.
  11. That looks like a cheap project. I'll give it a try before spending $140. Cool, if you ever need any help, DIYstompboxes will help you.
  12. Like seriously. I can not do this for the life of me. Help =( I have one of these: It helped a lot.
  13. I'm looking for something that I can leave on all the time. I don't want to use a boost/OD/EQ as a buffer. I want a dedicated buffer. This plus an opamp, two resistors, two capacitors, a box, two jacks and you're done.
  14. Congrats on yet another creation from the tone kingdom of Kimsuzzie. You meant to say "clone," but wrote "tone."
  15. These pedal builders are either deaf or just plain bull{censored}ting you when they tell you this nonsense. Or both!
  16. DOD 201. Should be modded for true bypass and more bass.
  17. Two I recommend are the H&K Warp Factor & Rocktron Zombie. The Warp Factor is noisier. It has more bass though.
  18. Has any one had any really good/bad experience with Rocktron equipment?? I'm specifically looking at some of these: Zombie I have lots of experience with the Zombie. It's very good.
  19. Where can I buy a Dr. Boogey? You can build one yourself
  20. That crap looks nastier than a McRib sandwich. Well it's French so I can't be all that bad.
  21. Left of the Cheesburgers, 2nd item down Funko I can haz Funko Haha, yeah, you can has Funko with ur cheezburger.
  22. What pedal will get me close to a rectifier tone? Isn't that what the Dr. Boogey is supposed to do?
  23. Originally Posted by p00n Atmos? Building pedals Octaver shootout
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