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  1. would you do 50$ for the omnichord? 100$ for one of the whammys? Paypal? How do you ship? Thanks!
  2. Well that clears it up. I'm having fits about the pitch factor. Why the hell do you want to sell it? From the demos I've seen it's the coolest pedal ever. I'd love to work out a trade if you are interested in anything here... http://acapella.harmony-central.com/showthread.php?t=2471053 I may or may not have other stuff of interest.
  3. US factor prices... what are you talking about? I thought maybe you were talking about a price hike but prices look the same.
  4. Swollen pickle sold to Mitre. Thanks dude.
  5. bump feel free to make offers. I need the cash.
  6. Maxon Distortion master 130$ Wah huge swollen pickle reissue, w/box papers, buttons. SOLD Morley bad horsie 2 80$ Digitech chorus factory 55$ fishman platinum acoustic eq 80$ POD studio gx 50$ eligible to download pod farm for free! PENDING IBANEZ synth bass $ 50 pigtronix attack sustain/ 190$ peterson stroboflip tuner , no accessories, tuner only. 120$ presonus tube pre preamp 80$ Anyone in the Kansas City area interested in a Spider Valve 212 can pick one up from me for 400$ . Thanks.
  7. Not sure what this idiots problem is, I am offering a brand new pedal $10 plus shipping off what they are selling for in stores. Anyone is welcome to make an offer. I have perfect Ebay feedback and numerous transaction on TGP. PM me for pics. Thanks for the bump though...... That guy always has something stupid to say, just ignore him. Someone will buy your pedal.
  8. zombiecpm

    ZVex Wah Probe

    too bad I didn't sell the damn thing to you gherb. At least you would enjoy it instead of the ol' lowball then flip routine.
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