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  1. EH Worm with box and papers. Good condition. Velcroed with Adaptor $80.00 Freakshow Digilog Delay, awesome pedal great delay with a self oscillation switch. Hand painted. with papers and Bag. $120.00 MXR Flanger- Standard black box. with papers and box Velcroed with Adaptor $85.00 Looking for:Phasers and Flangers Maxon Phaser PT9 pro Maxon/Ibanez flanger older Boss Flanger BF-2 Buyer pays actual shipping. Paypal only. Thanks
  2. Ibanez Soundgear MIJ 4 string P/J combo active bass. Metallic Green paint that shows blue in the light. Has some dings and dents but the neck isw straight and action is low. Very nice thin neck. I think this one is early 90's. Ibanez Ergodyne double active hums. Grey metallic paint job. Little thicker neck. Few paint chips on the headstock. New bone nut. This one is Korean made and I think it was produced in the early 2000's. Straight neck and great player. Looking for $250.00 for the Ergodyne and $225.00 for the soundgear. Paypal accepted, buyer pays shipping. Trades: Will trade one or both for Fender Jazz bass MIM in vintage white. Epi set neck carved top Les Paul bass. (not the specials) Warwick 4 string (add money for an ovankal neck one) ESP Les Paul bass.
  3. Update, 12 string sold. Possible deal on the explorer...... somebody want this tele body.......
  4. The finish is fine. I wet sanded and buffed out the clear coats over the flake. Has a few light swirls if held up to the light because it's been laying around my shop for about three years. Never searched out all the parts to complete it. Good phaser pedal might interest me in a trade.......
  5. Thanks, it is a badass guitar, someone will be happy..... make me an offer......
  6. Band just finished recording, now we have to pay for it. Selling somethings that I do not use and have no plans on using. Epi Explorer, heavily modded. Install fretboard dots, installed a sustainer system, installed a Seymour Jazz in the bridge, Installed skull p-up rings and 3way plate. The back of the neck is sanded down. This is truely a GOTHIC explorer taken to the next level. $200.00 plus shipping, no case packed well. Fender Tele Deluxe body. Early MIM. Was black, I shot some Gold Flake over it and then clear, sanded and buffed out. Just never got around to doing anything with it. $100.00 plus shipping. Takamine EG-335SC 12 string Acoustic has 3 band EQ. Plays great. Slight crack in the finish by the bridge. Finish only, does not effect the top at all. No case.SOLD Not interested in trades. Paypal or Moneyorder.
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