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  1. Originally Posted by rebornself27 Buy buy buy buy you can have it $375 shipped That's a great price but I have two half finished amps on my bench that I need to finish that has my money all tied up. Since you mentioned that you are downsizing would you be interested in a modded (gain and depth) Jet City JCA20h. I also modded the look of the amp with white knobs and I'm process of installing a metal grille. Oh and the tubes are Mullard EL84's and Ruby HG 12ax7's.
  2. How much shipped to 31606? Georgia
  3. Still available? Where are you located? Sorry to be a tire kicker. I was banking on one of my amps to be sold and neither have sold yet. If they do I'll let you know.
  4. Still available? Where are you located?
  5. did some recording with lee awhile back... The power supply to his console in on my bench as we speak. Lightning blew his -20v rail.
  6. Yes sir. I own Redline Amps. I do work for Earthsound Studios(Lee Dyess) for reference.
  7. I need to get these superb PCBs sold because I was going to complete them and fit them to my Mark IIb and now I have to sell the IIb. I have the full set(3 boards) that include the main board, eq and power supply. These are $94 + shipping from Russia. I will let these go for $90 shipped. I can email of text pics. Thes are very high quality boards.
  8. I was waiting on price and pics...
  9. Hey mang. I have a stock MkIIB. It's killer the way that it is but I want to send it to Mesa for the loop mod. How much did Mesa charge for every thing you got? If you don't mind.
  10. marcus, pm me, i live in valdosta also and have a jcm800.... I wish you had the head. I'm not really looking for a combo.
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