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  1. bump lets get some offers, like to get this sold!
  2. hey guys well after many years of playing i've deciding to quit, so i'm clearing out everything accept one guitar. So up for sale is my nearly new and barely played Ibanez S470DXQM in orange/amber quilt top. i've had it about 6 months and played it only a few times. It doesn't come with a case but it will be packed extremely well for shipping. Strap and stand also not included. Its a fantastic playing guitar and the zr trem is amazing, extremely smooth and never goes out of tune. I hate to get rid of it but it just sits on the stand day after day never being played. it was $650 new so i'd like to get around $450 + shipping for it. pm if any more questions. I can't take paypal because i don't have a paypal account, so USPS Money Orders Only. I have a Ref on here from a amp i sold and tons of ebay ref and i'm more than willing to discuss over the phone. $450
  3. thanks man, i will let you know on the toneport, not sure between that and the podxt.
  4. theres like 25 of these on ebay right now. just so you know.
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