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  1. Ampeg combo that is great for practice and small to medium gigs or for monitor on larger stages. Built in US. Very clean tone with lots of flexibility. 100watts, 1x15 with horn. Balanced XLR out. Audio-in jacks for CD player. Headphone jack. Tilt-back ported cab weighs about 50 lbs. Two years old, but is in AS-NEW condition. $300 plus shipping to US and Canada.
  2. "Tuning-Fork" headstock on aluminum neck with ebonite fingerboard. Dot inlays. Zero fret. Walnut body with maple stripes. Minor player's wear on backside. Dense body and neck create sustain that lasts nearly a week. Modified for passive EMG pickups. Wicked clear tone. No other known issues. Old-stock DiMarzio pickups included. Original Kramer hard-shell case. Best sounding, greatest bargain in US-built vintage basses. $450 USD plus shipping to US and Canada only.
  3. There are immature people like me in the audience, you heartless, inconsiderate butt-breath, technically-challenged platypus! You should have your rancid sphincter-fingers washed with battery acid and lye soap! (But seriously, this new site design sucks big anus for user-friendliness. I feel your excruciating pain).
  4. Leo Fender's best bass design! Special-ordered brand new in Jan'05. Blue-burst ash face and blue headstock. Maple neck, rosewood fingerboard without those pesky training dots! Almost AS-NEW condition! Includes molded G&L case. Used for about 3 hours (no kidding) per week until May '06 when my driver-less marital bus lost control and careened over a cliff, falling 12,000 feet into a shallow sewer. I am the only survivor, thanks for asking. Need (very) partial retainer for expensive attorney. (aren't they all?) $850 USD to US and Canada only.
  5. Sunburst (black, red, amber) alder body, maple neck and fingerboard, black dots. Serial number 3922xx. Completely original, no modifications. Unbelievably clean except for two small thru-the-finish dings above the pickguard. Very little player's wear. Slight corrosion on tuners. No other known issues. Includes original Fender hard case (slightly worn) with metal Fender logo, original Fender Owner's booklet, Fender cleaning rag and pickup cover (sorry, bridge cover and finger rest were long gone). Also includes vintage '70's strap to complete the look! $2,100 USD plus shipping to US and Canada only. Images on request to the seriously interested.
  6. FOR SALE: G&L L-2500 Bass Five-String bass in AS-NEW condition. I played it regularly for for about 3 hours per week between Jan'05 and May'06. Blue-burst ash top, active electronics, blue headstock, rosewood fingerboard with NO DOTS! Molded case. Specially ordered for me, but I need some cash and VERY reluctantly must sell. $850 includes shipping to 48 states.
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