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  1. Things I love about the Small Clone - The purple paint job. The sound in the depth down setting. The look and size of the case. The tape delay impression. Things I hate about the Small Clone - The fact that it says 'Your Nirvana' on the box. The non standard adaptor. Overall I compared this to The Clone Theory and a Danelectro Cool Cat. The Cool Cat takes two batteries or an 18v adaptor so its a no-goer for a permanent fixture on the board although its chorus sound is beautiful and perhaps more to my taste than the Small Clone. The Clone Theory is the best Chorus/Vibrato pedal I've ever had and after seeing off my old CE-1 and CE-2 it had this pedal beat before I even plugged it in. SAYING THAT - the Small Clone has a musical character all of its own, it can turn its hand to many styles, it looks cool as anything, it inspires certain ways of playing and is lovely and quiet. I'm pleased to have it around.
  2. I am a pedal nut, have been for years and the MXR phase 100 was something I'd always wanted but never got round to buying. Its the look of the thing first of all - its just a cool looking pedal and those graphics under the intensity knob make it look all sci-fi, very retro and sure to grab attention. Its cool just not for me at the minute - I've replaced it on the board with an Arion Stereo Phaser. Used together tho - what a sound! Check it out!
  3. Hi mate - the mods are reversible if you would like to do that. The paint job would be removable to if you don't like that vintage vibe! The wah is $50 shipped anywhere if anyone is interested. I'm thinking of keeping my Fuzz now after watching Eric Johnson on Youtube for 3 hours yesterday haha. Benc18uk@yahoo.com
  4. Heres a pic ofthe two pedals for sale - more pics available via email - benc18uk@yahoo.com
  5. Hi there I'm selling my modded Dunlop Fuzzface and Modded Dunlop Crybaby wah pedals. They're both in brilliant working condition, they have had custom paint jobs to make them look a little retro. The wah has been modded to Red Lion specs (same as the Mayer wahs) for that deep Hendrix tone and has a grey and silver top paint job for ultra 60s vibe. The Fuzz has had new transistors installed for the Band of Gypsies buzz that I love so much. Also has Hendrix style knobs for the cool look of the man himself. I'm selling these two to get a Captain Coconut off a friend and I really need a cash boost so I'm not gonna put a massive price on them. Email me at Benc18uk@yahoo.com with offers around
  6. Hi - can any point in the direction of a tab for eric johnsons intro song/ 12-12 vibe from the G3 96 tour and his album Bloom? i have the basic jist of the track but some of erics chord voicing are as usual a little trickier to figure out than most : ) any help would be appreciated. could you email me at bossspectrum@yahoo.com with any help or tabs? thankyou kindly - ben
  7. No....wait....i see your in Belgique! No worries my man, thats close enough for me. Email me with pics if you can and a price and we'll strike up a deal
  8. For collecting mate. I have some old Boss knobs that I can stick on - I just like the pretty colour of the paint and I need a Spectrum to put in my Boss hall of fame cabinet. Email at paperback2006@netscape.net or Benc18uk@yahoo.com if you want to sell it to me. Are you in Uk or somewhere else in the world? - ben
  9. Haha what was that little red man for on the end? Whats a spam thread? Sounds revolting. Ha i love how worked up you people get round here, meh! Cant wait for X-Factor tonight. See you later gay boys xx
  10. Who has a Boss SP-1 Spectrum that they would sell to me? Please email me at benc18uk@yahoo.com if you have this or any other discontinued Boss pedals for sale. Thanks alot - ben
  11. I'm selling my Fulltone Fulldrive on ebay - buy it now for
  12. Yes, well we could level the same accusations at Elvis Presley, or The Beatles or indeed Jimi Hendrix. They all took black music they loved and showed it to the rest of the world in a form that was and still is enjoyed today by billions of people. Perhaps a little credit can be given for that. If BB King and Buddy Guy don't mind about that then why should we? I wish I had the guitar contacts Clappo has in his phone haha!
  13. Claptons an interesting one isnt he? I grew up resenting him for years cos my mum used to play all his schmaltzy ballady stuff from the 80s when she was washing the pots but when i went back and got into Bluesbreakers and Cream and his early solo stuff I had to change my mind. Theres no doubt that today he is a spent force, he brings nothing new to the table but for shaping the face of modern electric guitar, influencing Eric Johnson, Van Halen AND HENDRIX (read up) not to mention scaring the living {censored}s out of guitarists the world over once upon a time, I think we should be glad of Clapton. If nothing else he has certainly left his footprints.
  14. What a toad - i hope you get your pedalboard. HEAR ME MADLER! Your playing with fire jim-lad!
  15. I'd like my Crybaby and Fuzzface modding and then I'm looking for anyone who sells homemade phasers and odd sounding pedals - octa-fuzzes and crazy stuff. Suggestions always welcome - paperback2006@netscape.net
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