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  1. Looking for a Yamaha DS60-112, Yamaha's version of the Tech21 Power Engine. Good to excellent condition, reasonably priced. Email particulars to soflojoker@me.com
  2. You got any more detailed pix..?
  3. Looking for a Fender TC 90, but only want one in Black Cherry. I'll pay a fair price for the condition it's in. Send pics and asking price to mr_lucky_@hotmail.com
  4. bump still looking...You might want to check eBay. There are a few nice looking 590Ts that are priced right.
  5. I want to trade, even up, one 3-space SKB Shallow FX rack for one 2-space SKB Shallow FX rack. Only interested in SKB racks. Anyone?
  6. Got a shallow 3-space SKB I could let go for $65 shipped...
  7. I've got a black Squire Custom Tele with P-90s. Sounds and plays great. No case or gig bag. $275 via PayPal gift, shipped to your CONUS location. I can send pix if you're interested.
  8. If you want an small combo with seriously clean tones, I've got a Juke 1210 Warbler available, but only as an outright sale. I've got too much gear to be taking more in trade. This Webshots link goes to an album with pictures of gear I have for sale. Pics of the Juke are on pages 2 & 3.
  9. I've got a Nitefly available. This link goes to a... WebShots ...album with pix of gear I have for sale. The Nitefly pics are on the second page.
  10. I've got a grey Ovation Viper in very good shape. There are a few pics in this Webshots Album along with some other gear I'm selling. Let me know if there's any interest...
  11. What would you consider a reasonable price for a Menatone Howie in excellent condition?
  12. I've got a Raven RG450. For the money, these guitars can't be beat.
  13. dunno what you have around you but I bought some padded ones for about $7 a stool at an unfinished furniture store (that was 6 years ago but you get the point)Yeah, I've seen these things at Lowe's and Target, too, so I'd check locally. You'll spend more on shipping than you'll save on price.
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