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    RackCases4U Mixer Case

    Rating? Less than zero. Anyone who treats a paying customer this badly has no business running a business. I retract everything I said in my previous review about doing business with this firm again. I would sooner carry my equipment in burlap bags than order another case from the man who thinks he's going to put SKB out of business by taking people's money, then ignoring them entirely and not delivering the products as promised. There is absolutely no excuse for service this poor. Do business with this frim at your own risk!
  2. Again, I apologize to Mr. Taylor and thank him for pointing out my error. I will address the isues I have with RackCases4U and Mr. O'Neill's concept of customer service in the reviews I post for the cases I ordered.
  3. For what I play, classic rock covers, this is an excellent addition to my rig. If I didn't have it, we'd have to add a fifth player to the band. I also use a Roland GP-100 guitar pre-amp/processor and it, too, is an excellent piece. I'm extremely happy with my Roland gear and would definitely buy these units again in a heartbeat. About the only thing I think I'd really like to see is a rack mount GR-30 with a dedicated foot controller. Don't try one out in the store - you'll buy it!!
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