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    ZU33 In Search Of Synth God In New Documentary Film

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    Los Angeles-based production company ZU33 is set to begin production next month on SYNTH GOD. After more than a year's worth of intensive R&D, the makers of the critically acclaimed film MOOG are embarking on a far-reaching search for the gods of electronic music in this ambitious new feature-length documentary film project.

    Filmmaker/musician Hans Fjellestad will write and direct the film.

    Fjellestad explains:

    "Since the late 1960s, keyboardists have used the synthesizer to stake out new territory in popular music, perhaps in a way unparalleled since the baroque organists of the early 18th century or the concert pianist 'rock star' romantics 100 years later or speed-demon ragtime pianists 100 years after that. Now with another century past, musical styles and technologies have taken off in all kinds of unexpected directions. And the Synth Gods lead the way. Their pantheon is massive and full of all shapes, sounds and flavors. I want to paint a huge crazy mural that illustrates the history and currency of every Synth God species on the planet, and the instrument that gives them their power."

    Producer Ryan Page adds:

    "The support from the music community has been amazing. There are so many people who have already stepped up to participate behind the camera and in front of it. This project is shaping up to be something more comprehensive and huge than any doc we've made to date."

    This is the third music-oriented documentary feature from Fjellestad and Page.

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