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    Zoom Updates MRS-1608/CD Specs

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    Zoom's MRS-1608 and 1608CD recorders already offer16 tracks and 160 virtual tracks, 40 GB hard drive, eight-simultaneous inputs, a fully-programmable drum and bass machine and a 12 key touch-sensitive chromatic scale input pad, and more. But Zoom has a few more features up their sleeve to add to these recorders.

    First up are new track editing features. The MRS-1608 offers ten different track edit functions for arranging songs. This includes not only basic operations such as seamless cutting-and-pasting of audio data, but also some new tricks such as Time Stretch, which allows you to change the tempo without altering the pitch, Pitch Fix, which allows pitch matching or a set pitch correction on a vocal track for example. Harmony Generate allows you to create a three-part harmony that matches the programmed chord for a given track event, and Reverse, that's right, you record it then reverse the audio and play it backwards.

    Also being added to the MRS-1608CD model is disc-at-once CD-R/RW recording with freely assignable track numbers for efficient CD writing. Even if you have a long block of audio data from recording a live performance or a DJ mix, you can divide it into multiple tracks without disturbing the seamless continuity of the material.

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