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    ZOOM Releases The SB-246 Street Box Hip-Hop Rhythm Machine

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    In collaboration with the hot new Nashville-based producers Beat Kangz, Zoom is introducing the SB-246 Street Box. A dedicated Hip Hop rhythm machine, the SB-246 features a slim, compact design, 529 Hip Hop sounds, studio quality effects, and a built-in sequencer with loop capability.

    The SB-246 comes with an array of percussion and rhythm sounds, as well as 24 bass sounds, fat synthesizers, acoustic instruments and special effects. Since no data loading is required, you can start to lay down tracks right away. East Coast, West Coast, Old School, and plenty of other styles in various categories make up a full complement of 80 "kits." Each kit features a layout on 13 drum pads with built-in touch sensors bring out not only your timing, but also the dynamics and delicate nuances of your finger work.

    All 210 preset patterns of the SB-246 have been pre-programmed by upcoming U.S. hip-hop artists Beat Kangz. Masters of current styles and classic hip hop beats the Beat Kangz have programmed tracks that are ready-to-go into the studio today. Intros, Fills, Endings and other variation patterns can be combined to create tracks that are ready to record.

    The loop pattern sequencer is great for putting together complex tracks. Just connect a few measures and add rhythm sounds in real time by playing the pads. Non-stop programming helps you stay in the groove. Patterns can be assigned to the pads then played and switched in real time. Play loops in DJ style and end up with a finished song. Alternatively, patterns can be lined up one by one using step input, or using the FAST (Formula Assisted Song Translator) method to specify a pattern sequence and then write it out in one go.

    The SB-246 is the ultimate machine for building authentic tracks perfect for all hip-hop styles equally at home on stage, in the DJ booth or on the street.

    The SB-246 has an MSRP of $309.99.

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