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    Yamaha Releases New Sample CD

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    Containing over 1000 Samples for the Yamaha SU10/A3000/SU700 and anything else that can load samples in for that matter (time to dust off those old AWE32's and AWE64's) in RED BOOK AUDIO format (Standard CD Audio).

    This powerful professional library will play from any CD player or CD-ROM with audio capabilities. Aimed at anyone who is into dance music of any description, this sample collection contains hundreds of stereo drum loops from classic analog drum machines and machines never previously heard from the vaults of Yamaha's R&D, dept. Synth bass & lead sounds from classics like the CS30/80 and the new AN1x, synth loops from the AN1x amongst many others , SY series, (including some unreleased sounds from a secret SY that was never shown back in the early 90's) some non Yamaha classic synths (From the personal collections of the UK's leading programmers) and the legendary VP1 polyphonic physical modeling synth (28,000 UKP retail made years before any of the other poly-PM synths on the market), and special FX voices from a wealth of sources for your sampler.

    System Requirements:

    Yamaha SU10 or Yamaha A3000/SU700 or any device capable of loading sample data from CD. These loops can also be used in hard disk recording applications such as Cubase VST/Audio, Cakewalk and many others, CD Player or CD-ROM drive with audio playback facilities.

    File Length: 74 minutes - Over 1000 samples

    Cost - 20UKP (around 30US Dollars)

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