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  • Yamaha Releases Free CD-ROM and AN1x Guide

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    Yamaha has developed two new free multi-media titles:

    Enjoy This Trip

    Yamaha have recently produced a free CD-ROM for Macintosh and Windows Computers. Entitled 'ENJOY THIS TRIP' the CD-ROM is packed with editors for the CS1x, AN1x, A3000, hundreds of free sounds, samples (in A3000 native format), Audio demos, loops, tunes, song data, and full technical breakdowns on all of Yamaha's 1998 range of products. This CD-ROM is available FREE. From all good Yamaha dealers and subsidiaries. To reserve your copy, just give them a call!

    The CD-ROM provides info in many languages, including English, German, French, Italian and Swedish.

    The AN1x Voice Setup Guide

    Yamaha have also released the AN1x voice setup guide. Again this is a free item available from all good Yamaha outlets. It provides a step by step guide to getting the best out of your AN1x, and comes with a free floppy disk containing hundreds of new sounds for your AN1x (in midi file and MDF2/3 format). This 50 page literary feast, is the only guide to have with your AN1x.

    The guide comes in English and French.

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