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    WaveWARM Adds Warmth to Digital Audio

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    Gadget Labs announced today a new effects software program called WaveWARM that lets musicians quickly add the warmth and richness associated with analog recordings and vacuum tube amplification to digital audio files on a personal computer. "WaveWARM is a great tool to enhance the capability of many musicians' desktop studios", said Rob Ranck, president of Gadget Labs. "It is the easiest way to quickly process digital audio recordings to produce the classic, smooth sound often identified with fifties and sixties recordings".

    Because digital recordings can sometimes sound "cold" or "brittle", audio engineers often use a combination of expensive external effects equipment and vintage microphones to achieve a fuller sound. WaveWARM incorporates proprietary digital audio algorithms developed by the sound wizards at Acoustic- Information Pro-cessing- Labs (AIPL) to accomplish the same effect. Building on years of digital signal processing experience, AIPL researched and tested to understand how best to create a "warm" sound via software processing.

    "We are pleased that our collaboration with Gadget Labs has resulted in such a useful product for musicians. WaveWARM is a great showcase application for the power of software signal processing on today's PC's" , said Dr. Kenneth Levy, president, AIPL.

    As a result of AIPL's research, WaveWARM was designed to achieve very high quality sound without placing big demands on the PC processor. A complete set of audio parameter sliders allows users to tailor and fully customize the warming effect. WaveWARM's interactive auditioning feature makes it especially easy to use. WaveWARM runs on Windows® 95 and Windows NT operating systems and requires atleast a 120Mhz Pentium® processor or equivalent and a standard Windows-compatible sound card for live auditioning of the processed audio.

    The release version of WaveWARM will be available in February; a beta free evaluation copy can be downloaded now from Gadget Labs Internet website: www.gadgetlabs.com. The US introductory price for WaveWARM is $99.

    Gadget Labs, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, is dedicated to providing essential tools for PC music creation and digital audio production. In addition to the WaveWARM software, the company's product line includes the Wave/4 digital audio card for professional level recording and playback, Quartz Studio recording and editing software and WaveZIP software for lightning-fast, loss-free compression of digital audio WAV files. Gadget Labs sells its products directly to dealers and endusers in North America and through a network of distributors internationally.

    AIPL, headquartered in Stevenson, Washington, is dedicated to developing digital speech and audio processing algorithms that combine auditory neurophysiology, psychoacoustics and digital signal processing to produce novel software solutions.

    Gadget Labs, Wave/4, WaveZIP and WaveWARM are trademarks of Gadget Labs, Inc. Other brands and names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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