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  • WaveCenter Card Now Includes Cool Edit Pro

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    WaveCenter.jpg Frontier Design Group's WaveCenter digital soundcard now comes bundled with Cool Edit Pro SE, a multichannel audio application from Syntrillium Software. WaveCenter was the first ADAT-compatible soundcard, and includes SPDIF I/O on coax or optical ports, 1 MIDI input and 3 MIDI outputs, along with ADAT optical I/O. This ISA card has a solid Windows 95/98 driver and a status/control applet called WaveTray.

    The Cool Edit Pro SE application provides 10 tracks, mono or stereo, of random-access recording and editing with full multichannel support. WaveCenter is already well-established as the affordable multichannel digital audio and MIDI I/O card for PCs. And now it's even better, offering out-of-the-box recording and editing with Cool Edit Pro SE, an intuitive and powerful application.

    WaveCenter is available now for $399 plus shipping, and includes a FREE copy of Cool Edit Pro SE (a $150 value). New WaveCenter owners can upgrade their software to the full Cool Edit Pro program directly from Syntrillium (www.syntrillium.com) for only $249, getting 64 mono or stereo tracks, 34 high-quality DSP effects, as well as support for DirectX plug-ins.

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