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  • USB Product Flood from Opcode

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    datport.gif SONICport.jpg optical.gif midiport.gif
    DATport SONICport SONICport Optical MIDIport 32
    MIDIport 64
    MIDIport 128
    STUDIOport AMX

    USB Interface Pricing
    DATport US SRP $249.95
    SONICport US SRP $299.95
    SONICport Optical US SRP $299.95
    MIDIport 32 US SRP $ TBD
    MIDIport 64 US SRP $ TBD
    MIDIport 128 US SRP $ TBD

    Opcode Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Gibson Musical Instruments, today introduced seven brand new USB hardware products for audio and MIDI, including the DATport series and MIDIport series, and the audio and MIDI hybrid STUDIOport

    Opcode has just released the DATport, a USB audio interface for Mac and Windows (drivers available now for Windows 98 and due from Apple in early Spring). The DATport has 2 channels of RCA coaxial S/PDIF for transferring digital audio to and from the computer. It supports both 16 and 24-bit audio at 44.1 and 48K. The suggested US retail price is $249.95. Street price is expected to be under $200.

    "Our new USB products deliver the holy grail of quality and ease of use for music and computers. Musicians get 24-bit audio and ultra-fast, millisecond MIDI timing-all on one cable that installs effortlessly. We've removed the notorius technology barrier from the computer music creation process. Installing sound cards is a nightmare compared to the simplicity of hooking up one of our USB devices," states Tom Sherman, Opcode's VP of Development. "We worked extra hard to make our USB products as foolproof and reliable as possible. For example, we shipped DATport only after helping to solve the Windows 98 USB audio glitch problem. We're ecstatic about the power and simplicity these new products offer both Mac and Windows users."

    Shipping soon are two other DATport type interfaces. The SONICport at $299.95 has the same specs as the DATport, plus mini-phone analog inputs and outputs with high quality 20-bit DACs. The second is the SONICport Optical, also at $299.95. It sports 2 channels of Toslink S/PDIF, plus mini-phone analog I/O. Each unit should have a street price under $240.

    Opcode's new MIDIport series of interfaces connect computers to the world of MIDI through USB. A new version of Opcode's Open Music System (OMS) allows any OMS compatible software to use the new MIDIport series on a Mac. The MIDI port series also works with all Windows 98 compatible MIDI software. The MIDIport series has the built-in networking capability of USB, and is 300 times faster than the MIDI spec. Opcode's new OMS takes advantage of this speed to offer rock-solid MIDI timing. Suggested retail pricing is currently being set for the MIDIport series; Opcode plans to have a product at every consumer price point, from hobbiest to professional.

    Shipping soon is Opcode's first USB MIDI interface the MIDIport 32 for both Mac and Windows. The interface works with any OMS compatible Mac software or Windows 98 compatible MIDI software and has two MIDI ins and two MIDI outs for a total of 32 MIDI channels.

    Coming soon are the MIDIport 64 and MIDIport 128, cross-platform single space rackmount interfaces with 64 channels and 128 channels respectively. Both also have Opcode's renown, rock-solid SMPTE to MTC conversion (all formats) and a unique "Auto-MIDI-Thru" capability for use without the computer.

    Using both powerful audio and MIDI capabilities of the new DATport and MIDIport series, the revolutionary STUDIOport AMX combines both into a single space rackmount unit. Connect a single USB cable from the STUDIOport AMX and your computer is ready for audio and MIDI instantly.

    The STUDIOport has 2 channels of analog inputs using 1/4'' balanced TRS (tip ring sleeve) with attenuation pots, and audio status and clipping LEDs on the front panel. On the back there are 4 channels of 1/4" balanced TRS analog outputs, plus digital S/PDIF I/O. On the MIDI side there are 64 channels of MIDI with 4 ins and 4 outs. The STUDIOport also has SMPTE to MTC conversion (all formats) and Opcode's "Auto-MIDI-Thru" capability.

    Opcode has recently released version 4.2 of their professional sequencers Vision DSP and Studio Vision Pro. The upgrades have several new features that allow real-time effects and compatibility with a wide range of audio hardware.

    MIDIport, DATport, STUDIOport, SONICport are trademarks of Opcode Systems, Inc.. All other trademarks are property of their respective holders.

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