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  • Unity DS-1 Comes to Windows

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    BitHeadz has announced the release of the PC version of Unity DS-1 Digital Sampler, an application for both Mac and Windows that turns your computer into a powerful real-time pro sampler.

    One of the features that set Unity apart from other samplers is the ability to run on a laptop. Built-in effects and extensive modulation routings & modulators are also included, and being RAM based, Unity does not require special hardware. Unity DS-1 gives you all the features of hardware samplers, plus a complete integrated Digital Audio Editor and easy integration with your existing sequencer and DAW applications. Using the same renowned synthesis engine as the Retro AS-1 (the analog software synthesizer from BitHeadz), Unity allows you manipulate sampled instruments and create new sounds of your own.

    Unity DS-1 features include: True phase-locked stereo signal path throughout, 2 stereo oscillators (multisamples) per voice, 2 assignable filters per voice with 13 filter types, 6-stage envelope modulators with extensive routing choices, 6 LFO waveform shapes that can be synced to MIDI clock, 2 stereo effects processors per voice, 2 stereo global effects processors, and 'drag & drop' sample handling. Supported sample formats include: WAV, CD-Audio, and AIFF files, plus Unity maps Akai S1000, DLS, SoundFont 2.0 and SampleCell I & II instruments automatically. You can also sample live from microphone or line inputs. Supported I/O formats include: ASIO, Direct Sound, and MPU-401

    The included full-featured arpeggiator allows you to generate event-list "sequences". You can even write the sampler's complete multi-timbral stereo output to disk as an 8 or 16, bit audio file for use in your favorite digital audio applications. And of course, it's fully polyphonic and multi-timbral. Unity also includes a complete 16-channel mixer and 250 MB of sounds for $449.00 SRP.

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