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  • TC's Finalizer Goes 96K

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    TC Electronic is pleased to announce the shipping the new Finalizer 96K - Studio Mastering Processor as the newest generation of Finalizer mastering products, according to Ed Simeone, Managing Director of U.S. Operations. The Finalizer 96K began shipping in late January, replacing the Finalizer Plus in TC's product line.

    New features in the Finalizer 96K include 24 bit/96kHz resolution Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog Converters, uncorrelated stereo dithering, correlated mono dithering and even inverse dithering for interfacing between various types of other digital audio equipment. A new 3 band stereo width control has been added and the Finalizer 96K now touts and enhanced dynamic range and represents a significantly more advanced set of features and enhancements over the original processor." said Simeone. "The support for the Finalizer platform from our customers and dealers has been incredible. We are awarding their loyalty by offering this new product, plus an upgrade path for current owners to add the '96K' hardware and software features to their Finalizers, and also by continuing to develop other benchmark products for them for the future."

    Also included are Real-Time Sample Rate Conversion that supports sample rates from 32KHz to 48KHz, Word Clock Input via BNC for post-production users, Ultra stable digital clock for rock solid jitter free digital input and output, (AES/EBU or SPDIF inputs may also act as the master clock), an ADAT port for direct analog to Lightpipe stereo conversion. (You can also use this I/O port to process any two source tracks and send them out to any two destination tracks), Tos-Link Optical I/O, Dynamic Filtering, Multiple Simultaneous Inserts, so you can run more than one at a time, (Inserts include Parametric EQ, Dynamic EQ, De-essing (with variable Q), MS Encode/Decode, Digital Radiance Generator, Stereo Adjust and External Device Insert, plus precise L-R balance in the input menu). Also, the ability to insert external analog equipment into an all digital path so you can insert your vintage gear into the Finalizer digital chain, or the ability to insert external digital equipment into an all analog path so you can utilize another AES or SPDIF processor with the Finalizer's analog I/O. The Finalizer 96K is a complete mastering toolbox in a single rackspace module providing the ability to do the kinds of finishing touches to a mix that would only normally be available through a high end professional mastering facility.

    Retail price of the Finalizer 96K is $2995.

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