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    TC Works Announces New DirectX Plug-Ins

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    R Reverb Plug-In
    X Dynamics Plug-In
    Q Equalization Plug-In
    TC Works announces Native Essentials, the latest in a line of digital signal processing plug-ins for Direct X compatible audio applications, such as Cakewalk, SoundForge, WaveLab, Cool Edit Pro and Cubase VST PC. Native Essentials is an entry level three function software plug-in bundle consisting of TC quality Reverb, Equalization and Dynamics Processing, according to Ralf Schlünzen, Managing Director of TC Works.

    The Reverb section of Native Essentials provides all the basic types of reverb from Room to Cathedral, and Ambience to Tunnel. The user interface is extremely intuitive and fast to set up: The only parameters necessary to set are Reverb Type (ROM), Decay Time and Mix. The Equalizer consists of 3 Bands of parametric EQ, optimized for multi-channel use. A virtual Joystick user interface provides a unique perspective towards equalization as a creative tool. Band characteristics of the EQ are determined by the Preset, and can be anything from 3 times parametric, to shelving and notch - or combinations of these. TC's proprietary SoftSat algorithm is employed in the Equalizer to deliver warm sounding results. Native Essentials' Dynamics Processing section provides performance optimized for multi-channel use, and can be used with inserts. A mode button allows you to switch the dynamics curve from soft to hard knee to optimize the dynamics processing for different applications. SoftSat is also utilized in this section to generate warm sounding compression. "We are very pleased to have been able to develop such a high quality set of tools for this segment of the market," said Schlünzen. "With the rapid integration of audio DSP plug-ins into recording, multi-media and computing, we are committed to providing a wide range of high quality products for every customer who insists on having the very best."

    Native Essentials will begin shipping in May, 1998. Retail Price - DEM 490 / $395 / £ 159

    System Requirements

    • 133 MHz Pentium (166 or faster recommended for use in Cubase VST)
    • 32MB of RAM (64 recommended)
    • Windows 95 or NT 4.x
    • DirectX compatible audio application (e.g. Cubase VST or WaveLab)
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