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  • TC Works Announces DirectX Bundle

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    TC WORKS announces TC Native Bundle, a high end software plug-in bundle for Direct X compatible audio applications. TC Native Bundle includes the popular Native Reverb and Native EQ Works plug-ins as well as Native DeX, an all new compression and de-esser plug-in. With very intuitive user interfaces, this plug-in bundle provides a high quality, all in one solution for on board signal processing.

    TC Native DeX is a unique compressor and de-esser combination, which can be used simultaneously or independently, and is capable of doing ducking with a Key Plug-In, also included in the bundle. Analog emulation is also included within the compressor using TC's proprietary SoftSat algorithm. Additionally, an adjustable hold parameter gives the user the ability to fine tune the sound to anything from clean and digital sounding, to warm and analog quality.

    Native Reverb is a high quality reverb plug-in, Native EQ Works includes EQ-P, a 10 band parametric EQ interface, and EQ-G, a 28 band graphic EQ interface. Each of the plug-ins are available independently for a retail price of DEM 490 / $299 / 199 UK (ex. VAT). The TC Native Bundle including all the plug-ins retails, for DEM 990 / $599 / 349 UK (ex. VAT) and will be available in December.

    Registered users of TC Native Reverb or EQ Works can take advantage of a special upgrade offer to the TC Native Bundle until 1/31/99 for DEM 199 / 119 / 79 UK (inc.VAT). Registered users of the TC Native Essentials bundle can upgrade for DEM 499,-- / $299 / 195 UK.

    System Requirements: Pentium 166, 200 or faster, 32MB RAM, Windows 95/98 or NT 4.0, DirectX or VST compatible host software such as Cubase, Cakewalk, SoundForge or Logic.


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