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    Tama Lowers Air Ride Snare Stand Price

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    Air-Ride.jpg Not only can more players now afford the Air Ride suspended snare system, claims Tama Drums, more players can use it, period. "Since our newest version of the Air-Ride doesn't require our Star-Cast die-cast hoops, said Koji Kamada of Tama Drums, "it's not only less expensive, it can be used on any snare drum." Added Mr. Kamada, "Well, except maybe marching snares."

    Tama's Air Ride system replaces the standard snare stand with a suspended mounting system similar to the hoop mounted systems that have become the norm on rack toms. "This provides more resonance than standard snare stands which restrict vibration," explained Mr. Kamada. "It also means that the snare has the same feel as the rest of the set. Plus it's easier on the hands and wrists because the playing impact is absorbed more the drum and less by the drummer. So there's less playing fatigue and it's probably a lot healthier."

    Tama's new Air Ride Mounting system uses three specially designed Hoop Grips which can be attached to any rims. The new system, complete with rim mounting unit and HL80 stand, is available in three versions

    HL80M12 for 12" snare drums, List price $195.99

    HL80M13 for 13" snare drums, List price $195.99

    HL80M14 for 14" snare drums, List price $199.99



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