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  • T-RackS Demonstrated on BeOS

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    IK Multimedia announced their intention to bring the product line to BeOS at Winter NAMM, and already at MusikMesse, they were demonstrating a beta version of T-RackS running on a BeOS machine. Apparently, it took IK Multimedia's programmers just a few days to get the core of the program working under BeOS, along with some assistance from engineers at Be Europe.

    T-RackS is an "analog" mastering suite that includes a parametric equalizer, compressor, and multi-band limiter, all modeled on analog circuitry. (For more information on T-RackS, check out the press release.) While the interface on the BeOS version is pretty much identical to the Mac and PC versions of the program, the BeOS port does offer some differences. Notably, due to BeOS' extensive multi-threading, all indicators and animations remain active as you hold down the mouse button to turn a knob while the Mac version currently will not do this.

    While much progress has been made already, the BeOS version will not ship at the same time as the Mac and Windows versions of T-RackS A BeOS demo should be ready by the end of March, and the full BeOS version should ship at the end of April or early May. Mac and PC versions are expected to ship on April 9.

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